289 – as we dream by the fire

Build: Lavender Brown – Scarlet Creative
Curtains: Honey Apple Curtains/red – Mud Honey
Lace sheer/drape – Rustica
Christmas Tree: Christmas Tree RARE – dust bunny * Arcade Winter 2014
Large Wooden Clock – Alouette
Star Hanging Garland – Cheeky Pea
Pinecone Hanging Garland – Cheeky Pea
Deer (over fireplace) – bauwerk
wood burner – junk
Triangle chair- tramell chair nordic – junk & kuro *new
Brown gift boxes/red ribbon – ARIA *new
Basket of paper/wrap it up – Second Spaces *new @ Arcade Winter 2014
Bowl of bows/ wrap it up – Second Spaces *new @ Arcade
Brown rug/Animal Rug – junk
Cobblers bench/dark – junk *new
White armchair: Mesh Lucky 8 Armchair/cotton – Scarlet Creative
Deer Pillow – Brixley
Tree Stump/pillows – Kuro
Snow globe/Christmas Tree – Yummy *old Arcade
boxed glass balls/frost RARE – keke *old Arcade
Wrapped gifts/ready to give- Second Spaces *new @ Arcade Winter 2014
[Christmas bits] Tiny Santa RARE – Kuro & Con *new
Fireside chair with throw dark – junk
Fireside chair red plaid – junk
Bicycle pillow – Brixley
Holiday cards – Second Spaces *new
[Christmas bits] Cookie box – Kuro & Con *new
[CHERISHED MOMENTS] Paws & Claws RARE – ISPACHI *new @ Winter Arcade 2014
Dala rocking horse/red – vespertine
Arch lamp/tall – junk
Vintage tin candle/deer – LISP
Believe Silver Bell – Cheeky Pea
Hot chocolate tray/warm & cozy tray – emm
Rustic frame/bicycle – Brixley
Christmas Countdown Sign – Alouette
Apothecary chest – junk
Minimalist Fox – Cream – Half Deer
Snow Jars – keke
Cedar Log Hatstand – what next *new
Record player/red – floorplan
antique telephone / black – floorplan
Firewood holder – junk *new
Autumn Entryway Table – Alouette
A wooden tree – Kuro
Wire candlesticks (toronto set) – Bazar
Sled shelf/Sledging shelf – Cheeky Pea
Noel Wooden Sign – Cheeky Pea
Music snow globe/christmas rare – floorplan
Joy Candles – Cheeky Pea

287 – once upon a december

Someone holds me safe and warm
Horses prance through a silver storm
Figures dancing gracefully
Across my memory

Headdress & hair: Winter headdress/snow – The Secret Store *new @ Arcade Winter 2014 (coming soon)
Dress: Dahlia dress/white – Baiastice
Skin: Elvi – Glam Affair
Eyes: Striking eyes/ Spring – Dead Apples
Ribbon necklace/white – Highland – Junbug
Pose: Del May

286 – we found love right where we are

Build: Lavender Brown – Scarlet Creative
Desk: Rosalie Secretary – white (full) – Second Spaces *new
Pencil Jar/yellow – Brixley
ASCII prints – Second Spaces *new @ Geeks & Nerds
Crate seat/light – tarte *new for Arcade *coming soon
bunny boy – ionic
repurposed shutter/grey – tarte *new for Arcade *coming soon
Jacob bookcase – LISP
tea planter /blue – tarte *new for Arcade *coming soon
bottle pipe light – tarte *new for Arcade *coming soon
barn arrow/painted – tarte *new for Arcade *coming soon
key chandelier – tarte *new for Arcade *coming soon
Shelf with decor/rare – Brixley
Live well /framed poster – Brixley
worn stool/white – tarte *new for Arcade *coming soon
tea planter/yellow – tarte *new for Arcade *coming soon
Portable vanity/rare – tarte *new for Arcade *coming soon
ladder home display – tarte *new for Arcade *coming soon
Box of junk – Second Spaces *new @ Geeks & Nerds
Bookstacks – vespertine
Three art pieces/skies – Los Robles Art – Cheeky Pea *new @ Geeks and Nerds
Coffee Table: Los Robles – Cheeky Pea *new @ Geeks and Nerds
Calia Lilies – Apple Fall
Rug: Los Robles Rug- Cheeky Pea *new @ Geeks & Nerds
Sofa: Los Robles Sofa – Cheeky Pea *new @ Geeks & Nerds
Books: Books B – The Loft
Lamp: Giant Teller Lamp (Chrome) – Apple Fall
Mini Dandelion Puff light – Apple Fall
IT embrodiery – Second Spaces *new @ Geeks & Nerds
Ball Lights: Los Robles Ball Lights – Cheeky Pea *new @ Geeks & Nerds
Hello Sign/workspace – tres blah
Payphone/mint – floorplan
Glitter Deer framed print – Brixley
Barn arrow/natural – tarte *new @ Arcade *coming soon
Old Coat /hanging – Apple Fall

285 -pigment in your memory

all of a sudden,
you changed my mind.
pulled back the curtains
a little at a time.

Dining table: Virginia Dining Table – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Place Setting: Virginia Place setting – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Dining Chair: Snow/ Virginia Set – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Vintage Barn Light: Art Dummy
Candles: Virginia Candles – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Dresser bench/rustic : tarte *new @ TLC
Cake: Fall Harvest Cake – Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Bunny Spongecakes – Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Cat: 10 scared – fashionably dead
Lace Table: Rustic Lace table – Scarlet Creative *coming soon
Coffee Station + Shelf: Roux Coffee Station/winter – Cheeky Pea *new
Le Lait can/milk can – floorplan
Be Merry Print: Brixley
Hanging heart chalkboard : floorplan
Photo plank: Brixley
Pudding Tris : Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Cake boxes: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Panda Chocolates Box: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Strawberry Wipped Cupcakes Tray: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Sweets Tray: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Kawaii Patisserie Corner: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Stored cups: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Hot Chocolate : Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Paws Biscuits: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Plant: Reaching Plant – Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Cabinet: Stockholm Entry Cabinet Rare – Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Stepladder: Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Wooden Crate: Brixley
Copper Pan set – Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Bags of Flour: Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Mixing Bowl Set – Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Chocolate/happiness framed print – Brixley
Potted flowers: Virginia flowers/set – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Paper spool/groceries – floorplan & willow *new
Milk Can/willows : Cheeky Pea
Simple pot with Ivy : iTuTu
Lace Curtains: Bazar
Build: Lavender Brown House Prefab – Scarlet Creative *new @ C88


All those arrows you threw, you threw them away
You kept falling in love, then one day
When you fell, you fell towards me
When you crashed in the clouds, you found me
Dress; Zoey Dress/ Fox & Chocolate – MishMish @ Kawaii Project
Leggings: Lace Overknees/off white – Izzie’s
Boots: Flamel Boots/Caramel – The Secret Store @ C88
Hair: Lilya – DeLa
Baret: Forest Friends Baret Fox – Atomic
Necklace: The Folded Gold Paper Necklace <3 – Olive
Skin: Elvi – Glam Affair
Location : Pigeon Island/ Neverending

283 – Xiasumi School Festival

Uniform/cardigan: Sora- jersey school uniform – u.f.o *new @ Xiasumi School Festival
Hair: Ambrosia – TRUTH *new @ Uber Macabre
Glasses: Savant Glasses – Entente
Eyes: Striking Eyes Deep Hazel – Dead Apples

Homework Corner/Dolly Set – Glam Affair *new @ Xiasumi School Festival
Dolls: Kokeshi Dolls – Lark *new @ Xiasumi School Festival
Curtain: Flower curtain/multicolor – ionic