378- white lips, pale face, breathing in snowflakes


Build: falu woodenhouse / winterberry – vespertine
Sofa: Working from Home Sofa Cotton Wood – Scarlet Creative
Happy Holidays Giftbag – paper arrow co * new
Deer Giftbag – paper arrow co *new
Cookies plate – Kalopsia *new
Throw Pillow Gold Polka Dots – Mudhoney
Throw Pillow Gold Chevron – Mudhoney
Throw Pillow Let it Snow – Mudhoney
Box of holiday decorations (traditional) – tarte
Rug 1: Nola Rug Diamond – Mudhoney
Rug 2: Gold rug – Brixley
Coffee Table: Eva Coffee table – Mudhoney
Midget Kitten Gray – fashionably dead
Cozy bench/near window- Kalopsia *new
Curtain: Chevron Beige L & R – Kalopsia *new
Shutters: Holiday shutter – Scarlet Creative
Vintage Christmas cards – LISP
Wreath/snow – ASO (by window)
Little Tree Deco – Kalopsia *new
Catalog sidetable – Kalopsia *new
Gold Cage Lamp – Fancy Decor
Mercury glass tree Med – Mudhoney
Pile of Gifts – Kalopsia
Decorative picture holder – tarte
Shabby giftbox 3 – Mudhoney
Christmas Latte – Kalopsia
Letterbox – vespertine
Rotary candleholder- vespertine
Blanket basket – Kalopsia
Messy lights in box – vespertine *group gift
Music snow globe/christmas – floorplan
Christmas Garland Lights (set B) #1 – what next
Horsey Toy/ Granny’s Winter Cottage – 8f8
Classic Chandelier (gold) – Fancy Decor
Hanging snowflakes/snow crystal (white) – ASO!
Woodcutter Corner Heart Wreath – Cheeky Pea
Merry Christmas chalkboard – floorplan
Box of Mail – Alouette
Telephone/Greenwich – Scarlet Creative
Log box – Mudhoney
Life is beautiful chalk frame – floorplan
Hammered Silver Tree – trompe loeil
Starry fairylights hanging / copper – vespertine *group gift
Starry fairylights window /copper – vespertine * group gift
Wooden fireplace – vespertine
Felt Ball Garland – Mudhoney
Bulb Garland – Mudhoney
Carved Deer – Mudhoney
Starry fairylights wreath. / copper- vespertine * group gift
Ho Ho Ho Decoration – Alouette
Candles/Amy Candlesticks – Mudhoney
Cornish Dolls House – Apple Fall
Holiday 2012 giftbox – gold flakes 1 & gold – trompe loeil
Gold giftbag/giftbag 10 – paper arrow co *group gift
Tree: Douglas Fir Christmas Tree for Tannenbaum – Botanical
Tree skirt/dots – Mudhoney
Glass ornament/holly – Ohmai
Glass Ornament/light -Ohmai
Mercury Glass Ornaments – Mudhoney
Bulb Ornaments/gold & white – Mudhoney
Handmade vintage ornaments- ARIA


377 – Emma



hi lovely ones ! The newest Glam Affair face is here. Her name is Emma and she comes in all the skin tones ! Including Europa ! (my favorite) She reminds me a bit of Emma Swan from Once upon a Time. I’m not sure if that was on purpose ! But I def thought of her when demoing it! Emma comes with a clean skin with lots of different makeups to play with. There are 6 eye makeups and 10 lipsticks. I gave four examples below but the possibilities of what you could do are really endless.  Details are below and happy weekend ! <3 Aria


Skin: Emma Skin/ Europa – Glam Affair *new @ Collabor88
Makeup: Eyes makeup 06 / Emma – Glam Affair *new @ Collabor88
Makeup: Lipstick 02/Emma – Glam Affair *new @ Collabor88
Jacket: Puffy Tie Jacket/Beige – MYNX
Shirt: Basics Longshirt/dark olive – erratic
Skirt: Tila Studded Skirts / Faded Lights- Blueberry
Tights: Reindeer Tights – Izzie’s *new @ TLC
Scarf: Chunky Infinity Scarf/earl grey – Yummy
Necklace: Heart Shaker Necklace – Yummy
Hair: Beans – Magika
Boots: Heathrow Boots /Black – Mon Tissu
Pose: Imeka
Location: Private

376 – frosted hearts and warm lullabies


Skybox: Haldis Skybox + Surround – Trompe Loeil *new @ C88
Fireplace: Haldis Fireplace – Trompe Loeil *new @ C88
Candleholder/by fireplace: Haldis Candleholder – Trompe Loeil *new @ C88
Framed Glitter Deer Silhouette- Brixley
Peace Letters – Trompe Loeil *past arcade
Vase: Roxanne Vase 1 White – The Loft
Tiny Tree/Magical Christmas – zerkalo *new @ Arcade
Hanging Mittens – dust bunny * past arcade
Twinkle tree/left & right – tarte
Bucket + Lit Branches- Trompe Loeil *past arcade
Table: Virginia Dining table- Cheeky Pea
Wall Stars: Trompe Loeil *past arcade
Twig chandelier – tarte
Sofa: Lucky 8 Sofa/ Lily – Scarlet Creative
Pillow: Emmanuel decorative snowflake cushion (Silver A) – ARIA
Pillow 2: Emmanuel decorative snowflake cushion (Silver B) – ARIA
Snowflake pallet – tarte
Console: DIY entryway table – tarte
Gray Rug : Fancy Decor
Lounge: Greenwich Chaise Lounge – Scarlet Creative * past arcade
Piano: Grand Piano Open w/sits – LISP
Pillow top Bench Grey /devon – The Loft
Circle rug: Rug/color change – ANE (slon set)
Tree: Christmas Tree – RARE/Magical Christmas – zerkalo *new @ Arcade
Pile of Gifts#1 white/Magical Christmas – zerkalo *new @ Arcade
Blanket Crate – tarte *new @ Arcade
Wood divider /twinkling – Ariskea
Basket with Ornaments/ Magical Christmas – zerkalo *new @ Arcade
Haldis Holiday Tapestry – Trompe Loeil *new @ C88
Wooden Reindeer Rocker – Ispachi
White Candle Holder A/The Dreamer – Pixel Mode
Squirrel Pillow /Into the Woods – Atomic *new @ Arcade
Pile of Gifts#2 brown/ Magical Christmas – zerkalo *new @ Arcade
Basket+blanket/pom pom blanket – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
Yarn basket – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
Cookies & cocoa – dust bunny
Laptop&clutter/bed clutter – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Hot cocoa/gingy – ohmai *new @ Tannenbaum
Tray with Candles – Trompe Loeil *past arcade
Gingerbread house – dust bunny
Fox/white (minimalist fox) – Half Deer
Beaded lamp- dust bunny *new @ Arcade
Holiday snow globe/cottage – Yummy
Night Table/ Into the Woods – Atomic *new @ Arcade
Deer Pillow/Into the Woods – Atomic *new @ Arcade
Pinecones: Venachar pinecone string – Cheeky Pea
Box of Ornaments – dust bunny
Cushions pile- vespertine *new @ Arcade
Bucket + Lit Pine – Trompe Loeil *past arcade
Reclaimed Lantern – Trompe Loeil * new @ Arcade
Twig Snowflakes/white – tarte *new @ Arcade
Projector – Trompe Loeil *past arcade
Twinkley twigs – dust bunny
Books: Book Decor Shortstack – Cheeky Pea
Candles: Campbell Candles MC- Scarlet Creative *new @ Arcade
Scales: Campbell Vintage Scale – Scarlet Creative
Robin nest/natural – dust bunny
Bookcase: Jacob bookcase – LISP
B letter stand – zerkalo
Rocking chair: Campbell Chair- Scarlet Creative *new @ Arcade
Vintage space heater . pearl – dust bunny
White Rose pitcher – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
Hanging snowflake light – Trompe Loeil *new @ Arcade





On Aria-
Hair: Honeydew – Oleander
Skin: Sia Skin Europa C88 Feb – Glam Affair
Pajamas: Onesies Pjs / Christmas – MYNX
Pose: Imeka

Home: falu woodenhouse/mistletoe – vespertine *new
Fridge: Emma’s sweet kitchen refrig – B.C.C, *new @ Arcade
Curtains: Granny’s Winter Cottage Curtain – 8f8
Island: Emma’s sweet kitchen Counter table-Christmas – B.C.C *new @ Arcade
Sink: Emma’s sweet kitchen Sink-Christmas RARE – B.C.C. *new @ Arcade
Stools: Emma’s sweet kitchen Stools-Walnut – B.C.C. *new @ Arcade
Rug: Emma’s sweet kitchen Stools-Walnut – B.C.C. *new @ Arcade
Cat/sitting down – fashionably dead
Husky/santa claws – xin *new @ Arcade
Emma’s sweet kitchen/shelf – B.C.C. *new @ Arcade
Snowflake marquee/ berryred – vespertine
Merry Christmas blocks/ Traditonal Christmas – SariSari *new @ Arcade
Green Stocking/ Traditional Christmas – SariSari *new @ Arcade
Kettles: Emma’s sweet kitchen kettle A – B.C.C *new @ Arcade
Red & Yellow Pots: Emma’s sweet kitchen Pot – B.C.C *new @ Arcade
Mixer: Mixer/ready to bake – Second Spaces
Recycled window frame- tarte *new @ C88
Canisters/ready to bake – Second Spaces
Snowflake mobile/silver – DIGS
Berry cake/arcade gift – dust bunny *under tree @ Arcade
Vintage shovel/red – floorplan *new @ Tannenbaum
Crate sled – floorplan *new @ Tannenbaum
Triple Presents Stack – Alouette
Bird on a Stick/Cardinal – Trompe Loeil
Greetings Sign/Traditional Christmas – SariSari *new @ Arcade
Gingerbread Huose – Alouette
Soup pot: Emma’s sweet kitchen Soup Pot-Christmas [4] – B.C.C *new @ Arcade
Stacked Pots/UTD – Soy *new @ Arcade
Spices & flavorings/ready to bake – Second Spaces
Cookie press/ready to bake – Second Spaces
Christmas pudding – Apple Fall
Feltball tree/jolly – vespertine
Nutcracker/red – vespertine



Hair: Nordic Winter- Atomic *new @ C88
Sweater:Katya Sweater/ Grey – The Secret Store *new @ C88
Pants: Masha Pants/ Mustard – The Secret Store *new @ C88
Bag: Sophmore Satchel/Matted Brown – mon tissu
Shoes: Alma Boots/ Nutmeg – Ingenue *new @ Arcade
Skin: Sia Europa Feb C88 – Glam Affair
Pose: Imeka
Location: Izzie’s




Sweater: Winter Sweater w Bunny Green- Fawny *new @ Arcade
Skirt: Pleated Mini Skirt/Tartan Brown – COCO
Boots: KneeBoots/Dark Brown – COCO
Phone: Tina’s Honey Deco Phone/ Choco Snow -VCO *new @ Arcade
Hair: Cozy cutie- Clawtooth
Stockings: Overknee Socks Off-White – Izzie’s
Pose: Imeka
Skin: Sia Europa C88 – Glam Affair
Location: Crestwick

372 – my heart is a warrior



Dress: Charming Xmas Rare Dress, Xmas Lights, Xmas Shoes/Gold – MoonAmore+Cureless *new @ Arcade
Hair: Starry Night/ Windy + Snowflakes – Tableau Vivant *new @ Arcade
Flock of flying birds/ NO LIMITS – anc *new @ Arcade
Sword: Burning Sabre of Gwener/ Return of the Light – MadPea *new @ Arcade
Wing: Chantilly Wings/ spring eternal – Half Deer
Skin: Sia Europa /Collabor88 Feb – Glam Affair