350 – apple juice & sweet tea

Home: Storyteller’s Burrow – Garden House RARE -8f8 *new @ Arcade
Curtains: Storyteller’s Burrow – Curtain – 8f8 *new @ Arcade
Lantern: [ Terre Automne ] Steel Lantern 1 – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Lantern: [ Terre Automne ] Steel Lantern 2 – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Chest: [ Terre Automne ] Wood Chest With Pose – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Wreath: [ Terre Automne ] Branches twig – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Vase: [ Terre Automne ] Branches Vase – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Rugs: Storyteller’s Burrow – Old Rugs -8f8 *new @ Arcade
Dining table: Laney Dining Table Dark – Trompe Loeil
Chairs: Laney Dining Chair Dark PG – Trompe Loeil
Shiba: Shiba Inu – Better View (rez) – +Half-Deer+ *new @ Arcade
Typewriter/dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Cookbooks: Kitchen Collection – Second Spaces *new @ Arcade
Tea: Storyteller’s Burrow – Out of Tea – 8f8 *new @ Arcade
Wall Lamp: Storyteller’s Burrow – Wall Lamp – 8f8 *new @ Arcade
Desk clutter/ dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Carved deer – Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Jar plant/dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Oval frame/dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Bell jar marshmellows: Little Woodland party – Marshmallows – Imeka *new @ Arcade
Cake Pops/little woodland party – Imeka *new @ Arcade
Fruits/ little woodland party – Imeka *new @ Arcade
Apple Macarons/ little woodland party – Imeka *new @ Arcade
Cupcakes/little woodland party – Imeka *new @ Arcade
Baby breath Autumn with Doilie – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Cinnamon Acorn & Leaf – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Stove : Granny’s Winter Cottage – Stove RARE -8f8 /past arcade
Wall rack rare/ Kitchen Collection – Second Spaces *new @ Arcade
Recipes boxes rare/ Kitchen Collection – Second Spaces *new @ Arcade
Granny’s Winter Cottage – Refrigerator – 8f8 / past arcade
Menu Board/ kitchen essentials – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade
Chic picture shelf Rare/dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Branch organizer/dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Counter – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Kitchen Counter -8f8 /past arcade
Feed: Clucky’s Feed / Fall Harvest – Pixel Mode *new @ Arcade
Cook-Eat-Clean-Repeat sign / kitchen essentials – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade
Chopping Boards/ kitchen essentials – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade
Pot and Spoon/ kitchen essentials – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade
Hanging candle (bronze)/ dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Raccoon(waving) / Cheeky Raccoons – Mutresse *new @ Arcade

349 – crossing your heart & hoping

hi guys ! In case you haven’t heard there’s a little event starting in about 11 hours. My FAVORITE event on the grid with some of the classiest designers and the greatest creations every year. I’m always excited even after blogging this event many times with just how creative everyone is (bloggers & designers) for Arcade. Check out the amazing shopping guide over at the Arcade website ! I’ll be blogging here a few sneak peeks as usual! So check because I loved so much from this round and I have a lot I want to show you guys ! I’m in love with glowy white soft colors and I was in love with these glitter balloons since I saw the vendor for it. And how bad ass is this stuff from Pixicat? I love how edgy and elegant it is at the same time. It also comes in black and pink ! Details are below for everything ! Happy Arcade & get your wishlists ready !

Balloons: MoonLightLounge. Glitter balloon. (L) 1Li (C) – {anc} *new @ Arcade
Dress: Bastet Dress White – Pixicat *new @ Arcade
Harness: Bastet Harness – Pixicat *new @ Arcade
Sphynx: Bastet Sphynx (hold 2) RARE -pixicat *new @ Arcade
Hair: Editorial/Western Wind – Tableau Vivant *new @ Arcade
Nose jems : Style 3 gold rare – MONS *new @ Arcade
Septum: Gold Septum rings Royal Rare – Yummy *new @ Arcade
Skin: Sia Europa 6 c88 feb – Glam Affair


hi all <3 It’s Uber time and it’s time to get physical ! And by physical I’m all about the athletic & sporty lads & ladys. I dragged my favorite bestie Gemma along for this one – because when don’t you need a gym buddy? I’m also wearing this lovely version of Katra in Europa. The makeups for this are just gorgeous ! I’ve always been fond of the more natural down to earth makeups and if you’re the same I suggest trying Katra on !  All the details are below for decor & clothing. Gemma is the one in the blue & I’m in the green. Happy shopping! <3 Aria

On Aria:

Skin: Katra Bilerina / Europa – Glam Affair *new @ Uber
Eyeliner: Redgrave Eyelashes.35 -Corner Pointed
Eye Lashes: Glam Affair -Couture Eyeliner no. 02
Sports Bra: Danielle Sports Bra : pPack 1 – OAKEN *new @ Uber
Shorts: Taylor Shorts: Pack 1 OAKEN *new @ Uber
Boots: Thigh High Sneakers – REIGN
Hair: London – Exile
On Gemma:

Eyelashes: Redgrave Eyelashes.35 -Corner Pointed
Eyeliner: Glam Affair -Couture Eyeliner no. 02
Skin: Glam Affair – Sia Europa -04
Skin Additional Layer: Glam Affair – Cleavage – Europa
Hair Base: LelutkaHairbase-Brunette Pack
Hair: Doe: Spirit – Essentials *new @ Uber
Socks: Izzie’s -Tube Socks (Black)
Sports Bra: Danielle Sports Bra : pPack 1 – OAKEN *new @ Uber
Shorts: Taylor Shorts: Pack 1 OAKEN *new @ Uber
Slink AvEnchance Hands Female – Elegant
Slink AvEnchance Hands Female – Elegant 1
Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)


Skybox: hunt skybox – junk
Stadium Lights/ ceiling: junk *new @ Uber
Lockers/clean : junk *new @ Uber
Duncan Equipment Shelf : Cheeky Pea *new @ Uber
Duncan Green Pennant : Cheeky Pea *new @ Uber
Duncan Purple Pennant: Cheeky Pea * new @ Uber
Duncan Parking Sign : Cheeky Pea *new @ Uber
Stadium sign: con & floorplan *new @ Uber
Hand weights/ blue & grey – Wrigglesworth *new @ Uber
Pommel horse: con & floorplan *new @ Uber

346 – my heart’s too big for my own body

Skybox: Lilloet Skybox – Cheeky Pea * new @ TMD
Sofa: Ophelia three sitter sofa – ARIA
Pillow1: Leslie Pillow/Ikat – Mudhoney
Pillow2: Leslie Pillow/white – Mudhoney
Pillow3: Leslie Pillow/Wavy – Mudhoney
Boxes: Industrial Storage Boxes – Cheeky Pea
Litebook go: tarte
Potted plant: tarte
Screen: Repurposed Screen – Cheeky pea
Hanging twig light/gold – tarte
Straight Panel Closet Doors- DIGS
Rug: Ophelia Rug – ARIA
Coffee table: Diedra coffee table – ARIA
Books: Ophelia decorative books & steel balls – ARIA
French bulldog – Hanna Kozlowski on MP*
Plants cabinet – dust bunny
Hanging rope lights/gold – tarte
Petal mirror- wannabe boho petal mirror – junk
Starry mirror/metals – tarte
Cat Print – apple fall
Planter- Wareham Planter – The Loft
Armchair: Ophelia armchair – ARIA
Sleeping Puppy in blanket – ISPACHI
Trunk: Fashion Trunk / Beachwood – Apple Fall
Boho ceiling lights – tarte
Floor light: Ophelia floor light – ARIA
Light: wagon wheel light / maple – tarte
Picture doors – junk
Book Page frame/kerouac – tarte
Aloe vera plant – Bazar
Books in shelves (modded off apartment) – Barnesworth
Basket – Amy Basket – Mudhoney
Chair: Thrift Chair three – tarte
Table lamp: Abby Table Lamp – Mudhoney
Le lait can – floorplan
Round cage candle sm – The Loft
Books B – The Loft
Little desk plant – tarte
Planter: Salcombe planter – Cheeky Pea
Canvas : Diedra blank canvas group- ARIA
Old card catalog – Second Spaces
Fatty bunny planter – ISON Home
Artsy books – tarte
Plant: Amy plant – Mudhoney
Vintage fashion sketches – Second Spaces
Sunflowers/white – tarte
Frame 1, 2, 3 (fireplace) – Amy Frames – Mudhoney
Twig lights – tarte
Stack of boots – Barnesworth
Candlesticks – Amy candlesticks – Mudhoney
Ceramic Owl – Mudhoney
Trinket Box: Amy Trinket Box – Mudhoney

345 – Luna

hi ladies ! Some news is I’m moving to FL in real life soon so my blogging has been a little slowed down. Hopefully I can keep up with all of my favorite brands. One of them is the newest release from Glam Affair- Luna in EUROPA. I love love love Europa so I always get insanely excited when there is a release for this skin tone. She comes in 3 skin tones, 8 makeups, and tons of eyebrow colors. You can check out the above 8 makeups in the second picture ! I love the shimmery silver eyeshadow makeups the most. Another new love is for the Nathalie Tutu Dress from Secret Store. There are appliers for Slink/Maitreya/Omega included for the sheer polka top. I’m IN LOVE with the hot air balloon version ! You can pick up all the newness at this month’s Collabor88. Details below. Happy weekend shopping <3 Aria
Dress: Nathalie Tutu Dress/balloons – The Secret Store *new @ C88
Skin: Luna Skin- europa 8/ Collabor88 – Glam Affair *new @ C88
Camera: Vintage brownie camera biege – Tee*fy
Hair: Don’t Mess with Texas – Clawtooth
Flats: Piper Flats/ Footwear – Atomic
Location: Love, Henry