305- a little tea in the morning

Another preview of the lovely items coming soon to the March Arcade! All details are below. <3 Aria

Lily greenhouse – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
Pink Climbing roses – TSG Botanicals
Rustic table/rare – Razzberry *new @ Arcade
Chandelier/ Dandy Chandy – Razzberry *new @ Arcade
Key chandelier – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
Chairs: delilah white, blue & pink – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
Pink books/garden – anc *new @ Arcade
Rose bell jar/garden – anc *new @ Arcade
plants cabinet – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
rose tall table /pink – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
blossoming flowers vase – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
garden wheelbarrow – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
garden ladyinmoon – anc *new @ Arcade
Sniffles the Bunny/garden friends – ispachi *new @ Arcade
recycled pots – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
Pokey the Hedgehog/garden friends – ispachi *new @ Arcade
Quackers the Duck/garden friends – ispachi *new @ Arcade
Cap’n Oink the Piglet/ispachi *new @ Arcade
Candy Almonds – Razzberry *new @ Arcade
Slice Lemonds – Razzberry *new @ Arcade
Kettle – Razzberry *new @ Arcade
Honey – Razzberry *new @ Arcade
Sugar cubes – Razzberry *new @ Arcade
Basket of scones – erratic *new @ Arcade
Earl grey tea box – erratic *new @ Arcade
open book/spring reading – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
tea cup/tea time – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
tea lemon – erratic *new @ Arcade
Bear Anna – Boogers *new @ Arcade
Bear Matthew – Boogers *new @ Arcade
Bear Mary -Boogers *new @ Arcade
Plate of desserts – erratic *new @ Arcade
Bear Sybil – Boogers *new @ Arcade
Bear Tom – Boogers *new @ Arcade
Bear Michael – Boogers *new @ Arcade
Bear Edith – Boogers *new @ Arcade

304 – the healing garden

Hi everyone ! Another sneek teaser/peek at the wonderful items coming to The Arcade event by Vespertine. I love Amelie’s work and this has put another mark on the list of lovelyness that she always creates. For a long time the only thing that existed for records/record shops was from Creamshop (you know way back in the day) but I’ve been longing for a record shop with updated things to choose from. If you’re in the same boat – The Healing Garden is perfect for you. I put the gatcha key below so you can add to your Arcade wishlist. I’m in love with the entire set ! Make the record shop of your dreams :) If you’d like to check out the entire Arcade lineup and start on your wishlists this weekend – check out the Arcade website here. Only two days till the big event! <3 Aria

Record shop: healing garden building – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Outside: Mochi bar sakura/RARE – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Bench: harajuku bench/texture change – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Table: harajuka table/texture change – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Chair: harajuka chair/texture change – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Suitcase player – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Record shelf/floor unit 2 – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Record shelf/floor unit – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Piano/wood dot – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Vinyl butterflies – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Record wall shelf – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Frames/photos /secret march item – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Record showcase shelf – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Hanging paperbirds – vespertine
Midori record player/seafoam – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Dot vinyl shelf/earth – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Forever sign – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Bamboo lamp/ secret prize 2 – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Chochin hanging lantern /tex change- vespertine *new @ Arcade
Red paper lantern – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Pink paper lantern – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Record stool Jazz – mdrm/soothe
intento inflexible – desk stool – ionic
Rug: bowie rug – ionic
Mini plant table – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Mug : pantone mug/texture change – vespertine
Headphones: radio headphones – fashionably dead
Chinese food – apple fall
Ceiling lights – boho ceiling lights – tarte *new

303 – and your heart’s against my chest

Skybox: Old Mayfair Rare – Apple Fall * old Arcade
Bed: Delilah Bed Blossom – Cheeky Pea *new @ Uber
Composition Notebook- Cheeky Pea *new @ Uber
Console- Delilah Console – Cheeky Pea *new @ Uber
Rugs: Delilah Blossom Rugs – Cheeky Pea *new @ Uber
Curtain: Delilah Blossom Sheer Curtains – Cheeky Pea *new @ Uber
Mirror: Delilah Mirror – Cheeky Pea *new @ Uber
Boho wall art – tarte *new @ Uber
Falling Over Books – Cheeky Pea *new @ Uber
Hanging Lights: boho ceiling lights – tarte *new @ Uber
Lounger: boho corner lounger (sky) – tarte *new @ Uber
Cats: 19 cuddling Pair / Rare – fashionably dead
Potter plant : tarte *new / coming soon @ The Arcade
Dripping faucet wall light /copper – tarte *new / coming soon @ The Arcade
Raincloud light – tarte *new./ coming soon @ The Arcade
Lamp: tarnished bulb lamp/brass – tarte *new/coming soon @ The Arcade
Worn chair/orange – tarte *new/ coming soon @ The Arcade
By the door catch all/ Cluttered House – Second Spaces *new/coming soon @ The Arcade
Charging station/Cluttered House – Second Spaces *new/coming soon @ The Arcade
Pile of board games/ Cluttered House – Second Spaces *new/coming soon @ The Arcade
Vintage Camera / Bon Voyage – tres blah *old Arcade
Memory collector/fan – junk *old Arcade

302 – Alice for Uber

hello all~! Check out the newest gorgeous face from Glam Affair – Alice in Asia for Uber! The skin comes in three tones Asia,Jamaica, & India. Eight makeups and all eyebrow colors. Uber’s theme this round is Bohemian and opens tonight at midnight. My person favorite out of the Alice makeups for this are 1, 7, & 8. Maybe that makes me boring but I’ve always loved basic down to earth colors that I can spice up on my own. Details below <3 Aria

Skin: Alice Cygana/Asia 08 – Glam Affair *new @ Uber
Dress: Bailey /Atlanta – Coquet
Hair: Business Time/ Girl Next Door – Clawtooth
Eyes: Striking Eyes / Deep Hazel – Dead Apples
Earring: Baroque gold – LaGyo
Flowers: Nivy flowers / peach – Glam Affair

Skin: Alice Cygana – Glam Affair *new @ Uber
Hair: DeLa


hi ladies! Just a little post with one of my bests. Gemma is amazing and I don’t usually include people in on my blog posts but I kinda like to do it every once in awhile. Maybe it will be something I do more often or maybe with other bloggers ;) *wink wink*. The cute little shack behind us is a NEW Trompe Loeil and coming soon to Arcade! Seven days left till the big event that empties our virtual pockets every single year! The cute little garden accessories are a mix of old and new from Sari Sari & Cheeky Pea. The outfits I had to be twinsy with Gemma on. The sweater has a hud that has three color change and a ballerina skirt under neath for a spring femme touch. I love it! We added the adorable Best Friends necklace that is new at Collabor88 from Yummy. Check out all of Details are listed below & enjoy the rest of your weekends! <3 Aria

On Aria
Sweater & Skirt: Sweater with short tullet skirt blue – u.f.o *new @ Shiny Shabby Event
Necklaces: Best Friends Necklaces – Yummy
Boots: Mesh Boots Latte – lassitude & ennui
Hair: Dreamy – Magika
Skin: Sia/Europa – Glam Affair *new @ C88
On Gemma
Sweater & Skirt: Sweater with short tullet skirt pink – u.f.o *new @ Shiny Shabby Event
Necklaces: Best Friends Necklaces – Yummy
Stockings: Slouchy Knee Socks/Shell – Atomic *new @ C88
Flats: Cecily Flats Blush – Ingenue *new @ C88
Hair: Helena – DeLa
Skin: Sia /Europa – Glam Affair *new @ C88

Shack: Shotgun Shack Dryades – Trompe Loeil *new & coming soon to The Arcade
Plantbox : Poppy Plantbox – Cheeky Pea *new @ N-21
Bench: Poppy white bench – Cheeky Pea *new @ N-21
Garden Sign – Sari Sari
Cushion pile/english garden – junk
Bucket of tools – Sari Sari
Garden crate with plants – iTuTu
Little birds/gray – HPMD

300 – always alice

Alice for Shabby Chic

Alice for Kustom 9

hi ladies! A new face for the girls – Alice from Glam Affair. Alice in Europa will be up for grabs tommorrow at the Shabby Chic Event which starts tomorrow Feb 20th @ 12pm SLT. The Shabby Chic Event (Neva Crystall) has a flickr group & a map HERE. So you can check out all the layout before visiting the event ! Maybe event start planning your wishlists out! I’m a huge Europa fan! You can grab Alice in Asia in different makeups (also gorgeous ones to pick from) . Both come with six makeups to pick from and several eyebrow colors Happy skin shopping darlings ! <3 Aria


Hair: Charlotte / Dark Browns – DeLa
Lingerie: Pigalle Lingerie/lace ghost – Baiastice
Skin: Sia Europa 4 – Glam Affair *new @ C88 Feb
Necklace: Embellished Key Necklace /gold – Yummy *new @ C88 Feb
Eyes: Striking Eyes/ Spring – Dead Apples

Seat: Kennebunk Hull Seat w/lights – Cheeky Pea *new @ Kustom9
Wheel picture: Nautical Art/Wheel – Cheeky Pea *new @ Kustom9
Candle: Scented Candle/Sandalwood – Apple Fall