356 – we wait for the afterglow

Home: Greenwich Park House MC – Scarlet Creative * Fall Arcade 2015
Bed: Willow Tree Bed White – Trompe Loeil
Headboard: The Forget me Not Bedroom Door Wall Lamp- Olive
Leaf Mobile – tarte *new @ MIX
Home Sweet Home Heart – Apple Fall
Canopy: Lace white – anc
Chandelier: Classic gold – Fancy Decor
Stacking Pouf: Kalopsia *new
Iron Basket Rust- Kalopsia *new
Deer Pull Along Toy – Kalopsia *new
Tan Cushion: Ruffle Cushion -Mudhoney *new
White Cushion: Ruffle Cushion – Mudhoney *new
Paper pile/ Hodgepodge – tres blah
Kitty: Cat 10 – fashionably dead
Antique mirror/white – Picnic
Train Station Clock – Kalopsia *new
Wood horse Head Statue – Kalopsia *new
Computer: workspace/computer – tres blah
Mag & yogurt: Morning Start/hodgepodge – tres blah
Tin Can Plants / 1 – Kalopsia *new
Falling over books/behind computer: Cheeky Pea
Bored Cat Books /top of basket : Mudhoney
Basket Table: dust bunny
Cornish Dolls House – Apple Fall
Lamp- Heart on a White Branch Lamp – Cheeky Pea
Desk: arche desk – junk
Chair: arche desk chair – junk
Pillow: Leslie pillow/beige – Mudhoney
Rug: Gray Rug – Fancy Decor
Divider: Ygritte Reclaimed Divider/ White Mirror – LISP
Brassiere/ Eclectic Collection – tres blah
Leaning Chalkboards: floorplan
Bike: Grand Bi w/Lights – Kalopsia *new
Curtains: Bennett Curtains – The Loft


Cardigan/shirt under – Carol Cardigan/Black – Fishy Strawberry
Hair: First Light – Magika
Glasses: Cat Eye Glasses – tres blah
Tights: C88 tights and thigh highs – tres blah
Skirt: Edela Buttoned Skirt – Tee*fy
Boots: Platform Stretch boots suede black – Baiastice
Necklace: Necklace Secret Garden Keys – glow
Scarf: Infinity Scarf – Izzie’s
Skin: Sia Skin Europa c88 feb – Glam Affair
Sim: Izzie’s


Hair: Willow/Brunette – Oleander
Skirt: Briet Tweed Skirt / Charcoal – Whippet & Buck *new
Necklace: Celestine Heart – Maxi G *new
Necklace: Embelished Key Necklace/gold – Yummy
Top: Alyssa Tucked Tank Top / white – Tee*fy *new
Shirt: Openback Lace Tee/white – Nylon Outfitters
Bag: Mini Crossbody Bag/Pure Leather Camel – Tee*fy
Socks: Thigh High Knit socks beige – Izzie’s
Boots: Suede mesh boots/latte – lassitude & ennui
Skin: Sia Europa 04 – Glam Affair
Eyelashes: Cornerpointed 35 – Redgrave
Sim: Private


Dress: Bia Dress/purple – Baiastice *new @ C88
Collar: Bia Collar/purple – Baiastice *new @ C88
Hair & Hat: Little Coven – Atomic *new @ C88
Wings: Sya Wings/Eggplant – Glam Affair *new @ C88
Cauldron/purple- Birdy/Hocus Pocus * new @ Arcade
Frog: Mr Toad/green – Birdy/Hocus Pocus *new @ Arcade
Necklace: Chained Link Necklace – Glam Affair
Skin: Sia Europa 1/ Feb C88 – Glam Affair
Pose: Del May

352 – first train home

hi everyone ! Arcade is still in full swing. I think one of the neatest gatchas is this awesome train station from Xin. If you’re looking for something for great roleplay purposes also this really does the trick.  I put this on the homestead and I’m just in awe of it. It reminds me of something out of a World War 2 movie and I just love it <3. I suggest highly checking it out. The trains themselves are such a great quality and very very worth it. Happy playing & good luck !<3 Aria.

Details: Xin- abandoned train station gacha *new @ The Arcade.
L$75 per play • 25 to collect (3 rare)

351 – meg’s farm

Barn: Fall Harvest Barn – Pixel Mode – *new @ Arcade
Lights: Hanging Log Lights / Fall Harvest – Pixel Mode *new @ Arcade
House: Cozy Log Cabin – Zerkalo *new @ Arcade
Gate: Storyteller’s Burrow – 8f8 *new @ Arcade
Stone wall 1 : Storyteller’s Burrow -8f8 *new @ Arcade
Stone Pillar : Storyteller’s Burrow – 8f8 *new @ Arcade
Stone wall 3: Storyteller’s Burrow -8f8 *new @ Arcade
Car: Wax on/ Wax Off Convertible Slate Grey – Con. *new @ Arcade
Tireswing: Click poses.
Sofa: Roll in the Hay Left End Part – Cheeky Pea
Sofa: Roll in the Hay Middle Blanket – Cheeky Pea
Sofa: Rolly in the Hay Right End Part – Cheeky Pea
Log Pile: Roll in the Hay Log Pile – Cheeky Pea
Smores Plates: Roll in the Hay – Cheeky Pea
Firepit: Roll in the Hay – Cheeky Pea
Caramel Apple : Roll in the Hay – Cheeky Pea
Pumpkins: Chloe’s Pumpkins
Foxes: Frolicking foxes/the arrival – Ispachi
Wagon: Fall Harvest – Pixel Mode *new @ Arcade
Lights: Roll in the Hay Light String – Cheeky Pea
Bell: Fall Harvest – Pixel Mode *new @ Arcade
Ladder: apple fall
Horses: Horse Girl 2 – Focus Pocus
Barrel Display/ Fall Harvest – Pixel Mode *new @ Arcade
Haybales: Whitby Hay Bales – Cheeky Pea
Fall wagon RARE/ Terre Automne – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Bike: Bicycle Love – Pose Prop (red) – what next
Apples: Buck of Apples – artilleri
Rocks: Dark 2 – murgatroyd.zauberflote
Wall Light/ Fall Harvest- Pixel Mode *new @ Arcade
Birds: Little birds/grey – HPMD
Pumpkins: Doublers Pumpkins- Cheeky Pea
Bench: Fall Greetings Bench RARE/ Ariskea *new @ Cheeky Pea
Cat: 10 scared – fashionably dead

350 – apple juice & sweet tea

Home: Storyteller’s Burrow – Garden House RARE -8f8 *new @ Arcade
Curtains: Storyteller’s Burrow – Curtain – 8f8 *new @ Arcade
Lantern: [ Terre Automne ] Steel Lantern 1 – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Lantern: [ Terre Automne ] Steel Lantern 2 – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Chest: [ Terre Automne ] Wood Chest With Pose – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Wreath: [ Terre Automne ] Branches twig – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Vase: [ Terre Automne ] Branches Vase – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Rugs: Storyteller’s Burrow – Old Rugs -8f8 *new @ Arcade
Dining table: Laney Dining Table Dark – Trompe Loeil
Chairs: Laney Dining Chair Dark PG – Trompe Loeil
Shiba: Shiba Inu – Better View (rez) – +Half-Deer+ *new @ Arcade
Typewriter/dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Cookbooks: Kitchen Collection – Second Spaces *new @ Arcade
Tea: Storyteller’s Burrow – Out of Tea – 8f8 *new @ Arcade
Wall Lamp: Storyteller’s Burrow – Wall Lamp – 8f8 *new @ Arcade
Desk clutter/ dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Carved deer – Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Jar plant/dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Oval frame/dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Bell jar marshmellows: Little Woodland party – Marshmallows – Imeka *new @ Arcade
Cake Pops/little woodland party – Imeka *new @ Arcade
Fruits/ little woodland party – Imeka *new @ Arcade
Apple Macarons/ little woodland party – Imeka *new @ Arcade
Cupcakes/little woodland party – Imeka *new @ Arcade
Baby breath Autumn with Doilie – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Cinnamon Acorn & Leaf – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Stove : Granny’s Winter Cottage – Stove RARE -8f8 /past arcade
Wall rack rare/ Kitchen Collection – Second Spaces *new @ Arcade
Recipes boxes rare/ Kitchen Collection – Second Spaces *new @ Arcade
Granny’s Winter Cottage – Refrigerator – 8f8 / past arcade
Menu Board/ kitchen essentials – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade
Chic picture shelf Rare/dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Branch organizer/dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Counter – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Kitchen Counter -8f8 /past arcade
Feed: Clucky’s Feed / Fall Harvest – Pixel Mode *new @ Arcade
Cook-Eat-Clean-Repeat sign / kitchen essentials – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade
Chopping Boards/ kitchen essentials – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade
Pot and Spoon/ kitchen essentials – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade
Hanging candle (bronze)/ dear september – tarte *new @ Arcade
Raccoon(waving) / Cheeky Raccoons – Mutresse *new @ Arcade