Awning: Madeline’s Awning – Kalopsia *new
Bench: Madeline’s Bench – Kalopsia *new
Table: Madeline’s Potting Table – Kalopsia *new
Hanging ladder: Madeline’s Ladder – Kalopsia *new
Hanging Bucket : Madeline’s Bucket Hangers – Kalopsia *new
Watering can: Madeline’s Waterning Can – Kalopsia *new
Planting Pots – Madeline’s Planting Pot – Kalopsia *new
Wood Box w/plants: Madeline’s Wood Box – Kalopsia *new
Birdhouse: Jake’s Birdhouse – Cheeky Pea
Rug: Jake’s Rug – Cheeky Pea
Shiba: what’s is this? – Half Deer
Simple Pot/fell – Itutu
Colored Pots: Jake’s Plant Pots – Cheeky Pea
Tall & Small Lanterns: Jake’s Lanterns – Cheeky Pea
Pile of Books – Kalopsia
Metal Vases- Kalopsia
Tied Bokos – apple fall
Spring Sunflowers – Cheeky Pea
Sping Flower Pot Yellow & Red/ Le secret – Ariskea
Potted Plant /fern – aisling
Potted plant /exotic – apple fall
Spring Garden Potted Climber – Cheeky Pea



Home: Lily Greenhouse- Dust Bunny
Wicker Set: Birdhouse Lanai Wicker Loveseat & Chair – Cheeky Pea
Plank Table/ Le Secret – Ariskea
Storage boxes/ small – Cheeky Pea
Classic Wicker Basket – Trompe Loeil
Mossy Pots / Le Secret – Ariskea
Rug: Printemps rug – Cheeky pea
Birdhouse: Basil the Bird/ Garden Friends – Ispachi
Sunday newspaper – dust bunny
Step stool/ moss – tarte
Ladder light/ Boho Glamping Light – Cheeky Pea
Watering can light/green – tarte
String light- Cheeky Pea
Hanging plant / sara – Cheeky Pea
Potted plant/exotic – Apple Fall
Tarnished bulb lamp/brass – tarte
String Light wall/Le Secret – Ariskea
Ivy/ Le Secret – Ariskea
Glass Plant/ Southern Porch Overheated Plant – Cheeky Pea
Wagon Planter – tarte
Pot stack – floorplan


393 – mint


Home: flutter sybox – dust bunny
Bed: Two Post Bed/Mint. White – PILOT *new @ C88
Cat: Sitting down – fashionably dead
Bench: Janey’s Bench – Kalopsia
Canopy: lace / white – anc
Book Page frame: kerouac – tarte
Chandelier: Kalopsia
Wire fawn: floorplan
Door/lamp: Olive.
Throw rug/stencil : floorplan
Draped wall lights – tarte
Mounted mason light/painted – tarte *new
Dress form /vanity – tres blah
Vanity: 50’s Vanity – Olive.
Makeups and perfumes: tres blah (old gacha)
Wardrobe: heirloom antique – vespertine
Makeup tower 2 – tres blah
Vintage crate – floorplan
Dreamer print : floorplan
Cushion stool : Olive.
Curtain: Bennet Drapes – The Loft
Deer /mary Jane Frames- Tamsin’s Frames – Kalopsia *new
Desk: Tamsin Desk – Kalopsia *new
Chevron chair: Tamsin’s Chair – Kalopsia *new
Pile of Books – Tamsin’s Pile of Books – Kalopsia *new
Paper Files: Tamsin’s Paper File – Kalopsia *new
Pencil Pot : Tamsin’s Pencils Pot – Kalopsia *new
Laptop: Dawson’s Laptop – Cheeky Pea
Boxes: Tamsin’s Boxes – Kalopsia *new
Plant: Tamsin’s Plant – Kalopsia *new
Notepad: Tamsin’s Notepad- Kalopsia *new
Bookcase: Jacob Bookcase – LISP
Jewelry box/ mint – tarte
Tin can plants/1 – Kalopsia
Storage Boxes/Large – Cheeky Pea
Plants/high stand – Kalopsia
Stone kitty/light – Izzie’s *new
Ombre rug/ Janey’s set – Kalopsia
Leather bag/mint – Mudhoney
Canvas shoes/ mint – Mudhoney
Mini sofa: Lucky B Armchair/Cotton – Scarlet Creative
Artist Dresk & Plant – Scarlet Creative
Wall Arrows :Tamsin’s Wall Arrow – Kalopsia
I will see you in my sleep decal – vespertine
Guitar shelf w/ clutter – tarte * new
Artist table – Tartessos Art
Artistic mess – vespertine
Canvas & painter stool – LISP
Resting Easels – apple fall
Hanging lightbulbs – floorplan
Nightstand/full – Olive.
Cat hanger / Duchess Top White – Kalopsia




Cropped Top: Lulu top White – Decoy *new @ C88
Overalls: Lulu overalls Green – Decoy *new @ C88
Necklaces: Pearl Berries Gold Antique – Yummy *new @ C88
Earrings: Pearl Berries Earrings Antique – Yummy *new @ C88
Sandals : April Sandals / White – REIGN *new @ C88
Glasses: Retro Glasses – Izzie’s
Hair: Amalthea/ browns – Doe
Hairbase: Playful Hairbase – Izzie’s
Headpiece / Spring Cute – Imeka
Petals Headpiece add on/ Spring Cute – Imeka
Cat: cat/held happy – fashionably dead
Lavender basket – Pot Pourri /gacha – Ariskea
Home: Greenwich Park House MC – Scarlet Creative The Arcade Sep 15
Tree: Tree of Hobbit A spring – alirium gardens
Pot Stack – floorplan *new @ C88
Wooden Doormat Light – Izzie’s *new @ Epiphany
Broom natural – Izzie’s *new @ Epiphany
Welcome Post white – Izzie’s *new @ Epiphany
Welcome sign brown – Izzie’s *new @ Epiphany
Rain Boots decor green – Izzie’s *new @ Epiphany
Stone kitty dark – Izzie’s *new @ Epiphany
Stone kitty light – Izzie’s *new @ Epiphany
Umbrella stand cream/blue – Izzie’s *new @ Epiphany
Bless this Mess/frame – Izzie’s *new @ Epiphany
Sign Cat brown – Izzie’s *new @ Epiphany
Sign cat is in charge – Izzie’s *new @ Epiphany
Agave plant – Izzie’s *new @ Epiphany
Cactus plant – Izzie’s *new @ Epiphany
Heart hanging signs/little sign for pot pourri gacha – Ariskea
Standing cat – fashionably dead
Heart wreath / pot pourri gacha – Ariskea
Yellow petals/ spring cute gacha – Imeka



We walk as tall as the skyline
And we have roots like the trees

Tank: Eva Lacey Tank – The Secret Story * new @ C88
Shorts: Paula Denim Shorts – The Secret Story *new @ C88
Necklaces: Chevron Necklace & leaf necklace – paper arrow
Hair: Lauren – DeLa.
Skin: Scarlett Doll Milky – Lara Hurley
Body: Lara – Maitreya
Pose: Imeka
Sim: Netherwood