This is my first decor post ❤ I’m a bit rusty and haven’t done any decorating posts in a very long time. I’ve always been a sucker for anything brick, wood floors, and walk around porches. I loved this skybox from Barnesworth. I almost planned a trip this fall to New Orleans but all of the old historic inns were booked(on the times I wanted to go!) I was inspired to do a setting in New Orleans after a rainy day ❤  I didn’t want to do any editing on the photos. So all of these are right out of Secondlife with just a bit of windlight. Hope you enjoy & if you have any questions about the items – please comment below! – Aria Christen

Skybox: new orleans studio – barnesworth

Living Room
Anna Sofa – LISP
Anna Chair w/footstool – LISP
Anna Chair Single – LISP
Oslo Lamp – LISP
Rustic Tree Side table – Elate
Priya Trunk Teal – Mudhoney
Mason Jar Candles – Doppelganger (closed)
Candle Stick (fresh) – POST
Sofia Rug – LISP
driftwood clock /arcade gatcha – floorplan
mesh houseplant – rustica
october.transmission (tv) – nordari
vase of tulips – north west (closing)
silent memories frames (frames above fireplace) – vespertine
guitar (part of your sl inventory) – Polyester Partridge
oil stove – [S2 / sTwo Acker]
canvas + plant deco – *ionic*
organic vintage lamp – nordari
“to live a creative life” wall art – imbue (not sold any longer)
old workbench with accessories – interioraddiction

Paper bag veggies (rare gatcha/arcade) – BCC
Bike pose prop – what next
wooden poetry chair – nordari
little garden table – tatty soup
fairy lights – nylon outfitters
owl party lights – turnip’s

Maude Bed- Cheeky Pea
Knit Rug – InteriorAddiction
Beatles poster – ionic
tea coster patchwork light – picnic
quote chalkboard – molto bene
willamette table/organic – vespertine
painter’s chair (worn) – cheeky pea/olive juice
fox print/darkroom hanger – floorplan
potted snake plant in terracotta – barnesworth
diy shelves/all colors – vespertine
Anna cabinet (oak) with all tabletop accessories – LISP
room divider – floorplan
mathilde fireplace – LISP
potted flowers – LISP
candle stick – POST
Silver frames – LISP
fabric bookshelf – ililo
book pile – kusshon
patchwork chair/mrs.castaway’s chair – Tatty Soup
Index Cabinet,Radio,Lamps – InteriorAddiction


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