hello all ! I bought a new bed for my new decorating venture. Then of course I had to do a entire decoraing blog post. I’m really in love with this cozy three bedroom home. It’s not massive like most family homes. No overly large areas that I have to pack a ton of random things to make it look right! I don’t have a huge family. So this works for us ! It’s also under 200 prims so that was a instant WANT.  I didn’t show all the rooms because some are unfinished. So I’m showing just my partner and I’s room. (also it was very laggy/hard to move in my sim tonight). I’ll be listing the details below! If there’s any questions about items. Please leave me a comment here! ❤ Aria.


Home: The Old Orchard Cottage – The Domineaux Effect (Domineaux.prospero)
Wagon: wagon cart type03 – garage r.h (renn.luik)
Mailbox: Snail Mail Decorative – LISP (pandora popstar)
Trash Can: japanese poly – Tsuchino Co Ltd (Tsuchinoko voom)
Pumpkins: Group of Pumpkins – Too Cute to Boot (najla starsider)
Dog: german shep – zooby (carrie tatsu)
Bench: autumn fly to the sky bench – cheeky pea (isla gealach)
Hanging Bookshelf: ililo (zozo raven)
Camera: bohemian camera – tartessos arts (nico griffith)
Chess Set/Spheres/Coffee Table/Rug/Sofa/Planters/Chair/Standing Lamp/Picture frame/birdie *most of this is part of the Tribeca house set*- The Loft (colleen desmoulins)
Halloween frame w/pumpkin *part of the vespertine fall hunt- nordari (jordan giant)
Four quote frame cluster: what next (Winter Thorn)
Fireplace: comes with the house
White bookshelf: Scarlet Creative (Charlotte Barlett
Potted Plant: Troyka Potted Croton – DIGS (Iris Maskelyne)
Wall frames : wall frame cluster – La’Licious (amaliscious destiny)
White frames: The Loft (colleen desmoulins)
granite spheres: The Loft (colleen desmoulins)
Console: tribeca console – The Loft (colleen desmoulins)
Kitchen: Sofia Kitchen Set -LISP (pandora popstar)
Kitchen table: Roaxnne table – The Loft (colleen desmoulins)
Red flower bowl: Roxanne flower bowl – The Loft (colleen desmoulins)
Letters w/pen : Bohemian letters – Tartessos Arts (nico griffith)
Coffee cup: coastal coffee cup – what next (winter thorn)
Bed Set & side tables : LAQ Decor (winter diprima)
Letter frames: *group gift only to vip member of the loft group* (colleen desmoulins)
Origami birds: Apple Fall (warehousefifteendesigns)
Fireplace: Heritage fireplace 2 – Funky Junk (ulaa coronet)
Wall lamps: Mudhoney (rayvn hynes)
Books: Japanese books no.1 – Apple Fall (warehousefifteendesigns)
Middle photo frame: Lesha Frame VI Spare – North West * this may be closed now (lili brink)
Driftwood love sign : flightless (flightless)
Houseplant: Rustica (maxwell graf)
Oversized Slipper Chair: The Loft (colleen desmoulins)
Bronte print #2 – what next (winter thorn)
Stool: Priya dance stool – Mudhoney (rayvn hynes)
Owl cushion (m) yellow – iTuTu (Kao Sands)
Desk: bohemian desk – tartessos arts (nico griffith)
Laptop: book pro laptop – tartessos arts (nico griffith)
Camera+Lens/photos/negatives – tartessos arts (nico grffith)
Wall frame cluster: La’Licious (amaliscious destiny)


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