hi everyone! Another decorating post here ❤ I’ve been really eager to decorate the newest release from Mudhoney. The Holiday cabin is fantastic for someone who is looking for a small little hang out on their sim. Or maybe even a small house for someone who doesn’t have the prims to do bigger!The home is 14 prims and beautiful for fall/winter.It reminded me of the rl cabin I just went to in real life ❤ I had to get my hands on this and start decorating it. I ended up at about  283 prims when I finished it. Details are listed below & any comments please ask below! ! ❤ Aria

Home: Holiday Cabin- Mudhoney (rayvn hynes)
Birdhouse: warm red – vespertine (amelie knelstrom)
Post box: HPMD* this is a old group gift! (sasaya kayo)
Woodburning stove: what next (winter thorn/franklee anatra)
Jewelry box:Labyrinth music box*gift from a friend (lilsparklez sprawl)
Wooden birds:  what next (winter thorn)
Log basket w/axe : Lisp (pandora popstar)
Wall art: silent memories.framed – vespertine (amelie knelstrom)
Sofa: stag blue sofa – lisp (pandora popstar)
Owl cushion: Itutu (kao sands)
Yellow cushion: softies/yellow – vespertine (amelie knelstrom)
Ladder with deco- Mathilde elk ladder – lisp (pandora popstar)
Lyrics art: 23 lyrics – nordari (jordan giant)
Guitar: can be found in your inventory
Book pile: book row 4 – kusshon (beolas whitfield)
Candlestick: humble candle stick (fresh) – POST (van auster)
Chair single: Anna chair single – lisp (pandora popstar)
red plant: nordari (jordan giant)
Middle living room table: nick’s raggedy table – lame. (divine falodir)
Open book: lisp (pandora popstar)
Coffee cup: coastal coffee cup green – what next (winter thorn)
Coffee pot: black magic coffee pot *vespertine hunt item* – Teawood (robinwoodley)
Purple rug: *emm (snowy melody)
Tweed rug: restoration rug – LISP (pandora popstar)
Chair w/footstool: anna chair with footstool – LISP (pandora popstar)
Rattan pouf/table: Lisp (pandora popstar)
Index cabinet w/radio/old laterns: InteriorAddiction (amelie carlucci)
Desk,books,typewriter & book accessories: Hemmingway Desk – cheeky pea (isla gealach)
Lamp: Hemmingway lamp – cheeky pea (isla gealach)
Candles: Fall candles – mudhoney (rayvn hynes)
Trash bin: basket – dutchie (froukje hoorenbeek)
Branch light: Itutu (toraji voom)




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