Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

hi everyone! As some of you already know I’ll be blogging PLENTY from The Arcade Event which starts March 1st! I’m super excited (and beyond grateful) to be asked to blog it this round! I thought for this post I’d start with my favorite first. It was hard to do considering since I had many ! I’ll be blogging more of them through the week. This adorable set of items is Tee*fy’s item for Arcade- Help Yourself Party Set! I love this so much. The only two things not shown above is the cake pop bouquet (a wearable item~!) & the bucket (I haven’t won it yet!! – I’m determined to complete my collection!) This little set is perfect for upcoming picnics and spring garden parties ! ❤ Aria

Candy cake pops set – Tee*fy
Cake Pop Maker- Tee*fy
Beverage Dispenser Lemonade (Rare) – Tee*fy
Beverage Dispenser Fruit Punk – Tee*fy
Popsicle in Ice Pail – Tee*fy
Popsicle Maker – Tee*fy
Cotton Candy Set – Tee*fy
Soft Ice Cream Cloudy Set – Tee*fy
Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker (Rare) – Tee*fy
Outdoor Party table – Tee*fy
Cake pop Bouquet – Tee*fy (not shown/shown in second picture)
Bucket – Tee*fy (not won yet!)

All for Arcade Event starting March 1st!!


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