seventy two

where there’s tea. there’s hope.

hi! I’m really excited to show off one of the newest items added into the Arcade Event. Tres Blah’s Tea Time set. If you are fan of Downton Abbey then you will def love the pieces. I’m missing a few of them (have yet to win them!) & plan on hitting some yard sales later these. I’ve included the main ad below also so you can see all the items ! I’m missing the strawberry cake & cupcakes! Another adorable item which is sitting right behind the table is floorplan’s camper trailer! It has singles,friends, and couples poses !! Not to mention it’s flat out adorable ❤ Arcade opens tonight at midnight SLT!

teardrop trailer gatcha/duckegg- floorplan *The Arcade
poof balls/tea time – Tres Blah * The Arcade
Floral Bunting – Tres Blah * The Arcade
Tea time Table – Tres Blah * The Arcade
Savory Tier (with yummies!) Rare!- Tres Blah* The Arcade
Tray of Macarons – Tres Blah *The Arcade
Tin with flowers – Tres Blah *The Arcade
Tea Tins (rare) – Tres Blah * The Arcade
Teapot – Tres Blah * The Arcade
Tea and Crumpets – Tres Blah * The Arcade
Stacked Cups – Tres Blah * The Arcade
Tea cup – Tres Blah* The Arcade


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