eighty two

  hi! I thought I’d give you a look at the newest STUNNING skin from Essences. Her name is Opera and I love the detailing on her. I’m a big fan of her nose and lips. She has the cutest pout!  Opera will be for sale at The Big Bo.obies Show. (The event begins April … More eighty two

eighty one

  hi lovelies ! If you haven’t heard Pose Fair 2013 is NOW open !!! I think the photographers and bloggers are in heaven this year. There are so many great vendors at the fair. I found very little lag when I went and easy to shop also!  What Next has brought some wonderful items … More eighty one


  Yeah I’ve been feeling everything From hate to love From love to lust From lust to truth I guess that’s how I know you   Dress: Yellow Spring Dress – Zenith @ Limited Bazar Clutch: Haiku Clutch (sugar) – BOOM Jewelry : Ritzy sets – Maxi G @ Limited Bazar Hair:Daily – Due Skin: … More eighty

seventy nine

  Let it be printed, let it be known I’m leaving you, I’m going home And all you can do is just watch me go I’ve put you down, talked you up Defended your honor and then packed in and picked it up When all you can do is just watch me go hi lovely … More seventy nine

seventy eight

hi everyone ! I have some new pretty things to show! The Zodiac event starts tommorrow~! These gorgeous mesh horns from Boom are so much love .Aranel has been working her tush off on some beautiful head pieces lately. If you didn’t visit the Arcade Event (how could you not?) She also made beautiful mesh … More seventy eight

seventy six

  hi lovely ones ❤ Lots of wonderful new items from Collabor88. The theme is New Romance! IF you are a girly girl and love all the frills you better check out the newest items! (I’ll be blogging more of it soon!) There’s too many beautiful things not to keep blogging them. So def check … More seventy six