ninety six – part 1



Hi everyone ! I’m really excited because it’s time for Fameshed Birthday Bash! There are SO many things you need to check out at this event. As you saw in my last post I was wearing this adorable blazer from The Secret Store. I pulled it back out to pair it with this adorable skirt Odette skirt from Tee*fy. There’s also tons of other colors – a lighter floral , anchors ! SO many things!  Because there are so many things at this wonderful event I’m making a two part Fameshed Birthday Bash post just to get as much as my favorites up! Be prepared that the Fameshed sim will be lag central because of all the people and probably a very FULL event. Get your teleporting trigger finger out and keep clicking! You’ll get in eventually ❤ The beautiful bbq set you see in the background is new from Cheeky Pea. I put the set in some woods and made it into almost like a campground set ! It’s adorable ❤ The Cassie Backyard Barbecue details will be below with my clothing details! Get shopping and check back for part two of my blog post ❤ Aria


Blazer: Structured Blazer Navy cuffs – The Secret Store / *new Fameshed!
Skirt: Odette Skirt Dark Floral – Tee*fy /*new Fameshed!
Shirt: Vintage Slip Dress Taupe – Nylon Outfitters
Flats (not shown) : Arden Ballerina Flats Brown – Tee*fy
Hair: Caprice – Truth
Skin: Margot C88 – Glam Affair
Eyes: Eternal eyes moor – IKON
Necklace: Vintage Camera Charm Necklace

Cassie Backyard Barbecue – Cheeky pea *new @ Fameshed!

Picnic table – 5 LI and has 9 animations x 4 separate avatars. the food on the table is 1 LI per placemat (incl food) and the crisps, condiments, and beans are 1 LI each. Centre tray is 4 LI. These are NOT LINKED so you can add them to your own stuff too 😀 Or you can link them to lower the LI!

Grill is 5 LI with food and fire.

Cooler is 1 LI as are the soda bottles.

Swimming pool is 3 LI and comes with 25 Single animations for up to 3 avatars – including childrens animations. Also has 5 couples cuddle animations.

Lantern string light – 3 LI. Pennant string light – 3 LI.


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