ninety seven


hi everyone ! Glam Affair has released Margot in India & Europa tones for Collabor88 this month. I had a hard time picking which makeup to photograph!  Margot comes in five different makeups & a clean one too that you can pick from ! I felt really super princess Jasmine in the India tone. You can also pick up the beautiful Victoria earrings shown at Collabor88. The Janna statement necklace is also from Glam Affair but currently at the Fameshed event going on now. I felt so gorgeous in the pieces together. As always when I do any skin blogging I make sure to put the tones below *unediting snaps! Make sure to demo Margot today ❤ Here’s your taxi to Collabor88 & one for Fameshed! – Aria


Margot India – 1,2,3

Margot India – 4,5, clean

Margot Europa -1,2,3

Margot Europa -4,5,clean




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