hi everyone! I figured I’d make something pretty with some adorable things I picked up at the blogger preview of the Arcade Gatcha. The Arcade Gatcha Event opens June 1st and will last a month! I’m really in love with the following items above so I put them all together for a cute cozy place for myself in my home.  I snatched up the adorable vanity set pieces from Tres Blah. I also added in a little floorplan, vespertine, standby, tableau vivant, & scarlet creative.  The details are below & you can find it all at the Arcade Event coming soon!!! ❤ Aria


Dress Form /Vanity- Tres Blah
Jewelry Tree RARE /Vanity – Tres Blah
Vanity Desk /Vanity – Tres Blah
Makeup Bag Rare /Vanity – Tres Blah
Platter of Treasures /Vanity – Tres Blah
Mirror /Vanity – Tres Blah
Toiletries /Vanity – Tres Blah
Brushes /Vanity – Tres Blah
Nail Polishes/ Vanity – Tres Blah
Fabric Bird songbird – vespertine
Unicorn emotes – Tableau Vivant
Broken birdcage /teal – vespertine
fabric bird chickadee- vespertine
typewriter/floral rare – floorplan
world tour classic guitar floral- standby inc
my box of poetry books – Scarlet Creative
my dominoes stacked – Scarlet Creative


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