hi everyone! I had to do a complete redesign of my bedroom. I blame Cory Edo for this total overhaul on the decorating! The Cobble Hill Bedroom Collection is stunning with so many styles to choose from. I think everytime Trompe Loeil does a release she gets better and better. This is total proof of it. You can see it rezzed out at the Fameshed Event going on now! The Cobble Hill Bedroom is designed around a studded-fabric headboard in your choice of five wood colors – black, white, gray, brown, or mahogany. The bed includes 18 headboard panel fabric options, 15 pillow texture options (set for each row of pillows), 10 blanket texture options, and 10 mattress texture options, and is available in PG maturity (33 single and 29 couples animations) or Adult maturity (an additional 3 erotic single and 23 erotic couples animations). I’ve also added in some pieces from the Arcade Gatcha Event that fit with my *traveler/vintage* theme I have going on within the room. You can check out all the details of The Cobble Hill Bedroom Collection here on the Trompe Loeil blog. Details are below for everything ❤ Aria


Bed: Cobble Hill Bed Brown Frame CH Fabrics {A} – Trompe Loeil * Fameshed
Art 1: Cobble Hill Pencil Sketch Walkway – Trompe Loeil * Fameshed
Wall Ornament: Cobble Hill Wall Ornament White Wood – Trompe Loeil *new Fameshed
Art 2: Cobble Hill Pencil Sketch Lantern – Trompe Loeil *Fameshed
Fan: Bistro Fan White Wood- Trompe Loeil *Fameshed
Lamps: Glass Deco Lamp Blue – Trompe Loeil *Fameshed
Frame: Floria Bedroom pic frame small – Bazar
Oolong Teacup Planter Moth Orchid- Vintage – ARIA *new The Arcade
Side Dresser: Cobble Hill Dresser 3 Drawer White Wood – Trompe Loeil *Fameshed
books tall stack – Second Spaces *Home Expo
books short stack – Second Spaces *Home Expo
black typewriter- floorplan *new The Arcade
backgammon game- Second Spaces *new The Arcade
Curio- Curio Brown RARE – PILOT *new The Arcade
Curio Pieces/ Arch, Leaning Tower, Eiffel, & Chichen Itza – PILOT *new The Arcade
Globe – World Globe Antique – Apple Fall
Oversized Slipper Chair- The Loft
Beige rug – floria bedroom rug – Bazar
Darker floral rug – Tiffany Rug – PILOT
Heather beige rug – Cobble Hill Rug – Trompe Loel *Fameshed
Trolley: Tiffany Drink Trolley – Apple Fall *new The Arcade
Tea Pot: Tiffany Tea Pot RARE – Apple Fall *new The Arcade
Toast & Butter: Apple Fall *new The Arcade
Bench: Cobble Hill Bedroom Bench w/Blanket White Wood – Trompe Loeil * Fameshed
Luggage: Milton Luggage – DIGS
Candlestick- Floria candlestick (small) – Bazar
Clock: Floria antique clock – Bazar
Curtains: Greta Curtains Mesh /white ornament RARE (March Arcade) – Leezu




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