hi everyone! I’ve been craving to do a decor/home post and I was inspired to do it in my favorite colors. This beautiful bed, dresser, & rug  is from a new store encore. I’m really excited because the wonderful creations are made by a wonderful friend of mine Alessandra Potez/alixxbella. You can visit her main store here or her marketplace here.  Make sure to check it all out & watch for more coming soon!  Details are below <33 Aria



Build: Kowloon Memory – L2 Studio @ The Gallery Gift Shop
Bed:  Dawson Bed (mellow yellow) – encore * new
Dresser: Atwood Dresser (white) – encore. *new
Rug: Shabby Rug (the grass is greener) – encore *new
Hanging butterflies: paper butterflys – Mudhoney
Fan: breeze tripod fan (yellow) – Art Dummy
Curtain: Damage curtain – Ink
Mirror: antique mirror white – Picnic
Telescope: Vintage telescope – Tartessos Arts
Audrey/roman holiday photo- nordari *closed
Vintage dress form – Lark
My Box of Poetry Books – Scarlet Creative/arcade gatcha
Chandelier black – PILOT
Lyrics Art- nordari *closed
moon lamp/ i love on the moon – vespertine
Seventies tv – Tartessos Arts
antique canvas – Picnic
color tubes /toronto set – Bazar
bookshelf –  ililo
painters manequen/toronto set – Bazar
Books (on dresser) – The Loft
flower tin/tea tin vitality – keke
books sitting in the luggage – mmg
cloud luggage – vespertine
yellow telephone/franny phone yellow – artilleri
pouf- dunham pouf cream – The Loft
Notebook – Tartesso Arts
Guitar/Guitar Sunburts – KOPI
Banner/yay banner -ionic
embroidery/i<3u/i<3bacon/deer – Lark
art books/toronto art books – Bazar
open book/book with glasses – Dutchie
Harry potter pillow/part of harry potter gift set -Aphrodite Megastore
My little elephant yellow – Kirin (part of pose set)
Spring sunflowers – Cheeky Pea
trinket box double aqua – Second Spaces
Leather flats cream – mon tissu


2 thoughts on “138

  1. Hi
    i wondered did you change the colors on the build kowloon memory, yours doesnt look like the pictured one at the store or the example at the store and if you changed it, how did you do it. i see locked under texture thank you

    1. I bought the version from the gallery gift shop. I’m not sure if she has two versions. Maybe one at the main store and one at the gallery gift shop. I didn’t change any colors at all though !

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