And all your worries will escape through the door
And you’ll wake up all alone on the floor
It’s not too late
Just rely on me now

Skin: Katya 1 Europa – Glam Affair *new for Collabor88
Hair:  Beatrice/chocolate bars – Lamb *new for Collabor88
Necklace: Millie Rose Cameo Gold/Beige – Noodles *new for Collabor88
Peacock headband & fan: Volstead *new for Collabor88
Peacock: white peacock – MishMish *new for Collabor88
Dress; Sequined flapper dress vanilla – The Secret Store *new for Collabor88
Stole: Mink Princess Champagne stole- ryvolter *new for Collabor88
Eyes: Ascension eyes Clarity – IKON
SHoes: Pickford Heels Ivory- Ingenue *new for Collabor88
Bag: parfume bottle bag nude – Milk Motion *new for Collabor88
Poses: Florence – Kirin *new for Collabor88
Build: Floodwood Skybox – Post


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