hi! I did a little decor influenced a bit by the 20s. I’ve wanted to do a old fashion themed decor post for awhile. But recently with some of the new encore store releases and Collabor88’s Razzle Dazzle – I found some gorgeous pieces to decorate with. Everything is listed below in the details & have a great weekend!<3 Aria


Pendant Light: encore *new
Circle mirrors: encore *new
Daybead/olive & nude: encore *new
Antique floorlamp/gold- encore *new
Retro tv: encore *new
Globe bar: Standby Inc *new @ Collabor88
Gramophone(blue) – Standby Inc @ Collabor88 *new
Music box: The Steganographer – Contraption  @ Collabor88 *new
Mansion shelf: Gatsby Mansion Shelf- Balaclava @ Collabo88 *new
Apothecary Drawers: Alouette *new
Standing books: Row of Books B – what next
bottled flowers: summer bottle shade – keke (Kean Kelly)
Curtains: Plain Curtain S – Ink (nontroppo torii)
Wood airplane art: Destination/Cali – PILOT *new
Storage Boxes: Apple Fall
Block stack set: Second Spaces
Umbrella stand: MIlton Umbrella Stand- DIGS
Potted Plant: Troyka Potted Croton – DIGS
Open book: Thrift book – encore *new
Build: Floodwood Skybox – POST
Thread Hooks; no 1. Apple Fall
Picture cluster: Dwight Pictures scattered – DIGS
Clipped photo sketch: keke (Kean Kelly)
Mirror: Bohemian Mirror – Tartesso Arts
Luggage: machinarium suitcase- vespertine
Beige Rug: Cobble Hill Rug – Trompe Loeil
Toast Rug: Inspiration Toast Rug – Tartesso Arts
Floral teal rug: Shabby rug (the grass is always greener) – encore
Shabby rug floral: vintage floral – encore
Chair: Morris Chair – Digs
Piano (left side): Evelyn Piano Bench/Piano – Alouette
Peacock vase: Apple Fall
Kitty Clock: Apple Fall
Table: Murphy High Table – Apple Fall
Typewriter: Old Typewriter- Tartesso Arts
tea tin flowers – keke (Kean Kelly)
Hat w/ stand: Apple Fall
Book stack/large: book row 4 – Kusshon
Newspaper stand/Arizona Newspaper stand: Bazar
Cardboard box/japanese: Apple Fall
Newspaper pile: what next
Postal Boxes Pile: Lisp
Millinery Scrolls: Apple Fall
Wovel Basket Natural: Mudhoney
Paper: wall paper – Floorplan
Books (small) book clutter – Floorplan


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