hi ❤ I wanted to make a lil bedroom with the newest Rita bed from Mudhoney which you can now find at the Garden Event. It comes in adult & pg versions. It has so many poses. It’s just a really lovely bed! I love every bed that Mudhoney releases. There is a demo one at the event for you to test out too! The details for everything are below ❤ Aria

Build: milkcoffee & sugarhearts – nordari *marketplace
Bed: Rita bed/ombre – Mudhoney *new @ The Garden
Side tables: Rita Tables – Mudhoney *new @ The Garden
Bike print: Print Life is Like a Bicycle – Chez Moi Furnitures
Cat prints: Apple Fall
Side table lamp: Abby Table Lamp – Mudhoney
Flower bottle: summer bottle shade – keke
Paper birds: paper birds colors – vespertine
Hanging lamp: dutch wire lamp – apple fall
Plank shelf: Shelf white/single plank – POST
1st set of books: Kyle’s Books/group 1 – Lame
2nd set of books: books – nordari *marketplace
3rd set of books: area 51 books- second spaces *new @ The Garden
Desk: Bohemian Desk – Tartessos Arts
Desk Chair: Artist Reclaimed Chair/dandelion – collab between Flowey/Ohmai
Computer: Tartessos Arts
Paperbag: Misaki Bakery * can be found at Roche.
Notebook: Tartessos Arts
Telephone (flower yellow) – Soothe
lab vase flowers: keke
teacup: classical teacup – vespertine
hanging paper birds mobile: vespertine
basket: woven basket natural – mudhoney
Cushions (inside basket): Evelyn throw cushions white – Apple Fall
Tied Books: Apple Fall
Curved floor lamp: arc lamp – Apple Fall
Rug: Ironwork Trellis Rug/grey – Apple Fall
Sewing Machine: Vintage sewing machine- Kuro
Stool: part of Late night Munchies – Organica
No time like the present art print: Chez Moi Furnitures
Record Cabinet: Record Stool Jazzy (red) – Soothe
Photo clipped wallpaper art: keke
brown curtain: sand curtain- nordari *marketplace
sheer curtain: plain curtain small – ink (nontroppo torii)
beaded curtain: oval beaded curtain white – nylon outfitters


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