154 – Mish Mish for Arcade



How stinking cute are these guys!? You can win all these little guys from Mish Mish at the upcoming Arcade gatcha on September 1st. The rare is the little house that you see above. It has nine very cute animations so that you can sit and explore with these adorable lil guys ❤ I figured I’d play with them in my forest on my sim. I think my favorite is the wizard one! It has a changeable scarf attached for whatever house you may belong too ;). (ravenclaw)  Save your lindens for the upcoming Arcade you def won’t have any left when it’s finished. The previews for the Arcade gatcha are here if you are curious. I check back at least once a day to spot all the cuteness that is coming on September 1st! Details are below ! ❤ Aria


Chipmunk house (rare) – Mish Mish *Arcade-coming soon
Chipmunk/holding lamp – Mish Mish *Arcade-coming soon
Chipmunk/with butterfly – Mish Mish *Arcade-coming soon
Chipmunk with acorn – Mish Mish *Arcade-coming soon
Chipmunk sitting – Mish Mish *Arcade-coming soon
Chipmunk reading a book – Mish Mish *Arcade-coming soon
Chipmunk/winter is coming – Mish Mish *Arcade-coming soon
Chipmunk/marshmallow – Mish Mish *Arcade-coming soon
Chipmunk wizard – Mish Mish *Arcade-coming soon
Chipmunk leaf umbrella – Mish Mish *Arcade-coming soon
Chipmunk campfire – Mish Mish *Arcade-coming soon


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