and if this is the end then at least it was worth it
‘cause I swear it was love or something just so
and I know love will come to the one who deserves it
I’ll try closing my eyes and give it one minute more


hi all ❤ I wanted to do a lil decor post with more of with a man’s taste in mind. Something a bit masculine yet classy. I’ve used the new released from Trompe Loeil – Modern Mountain Cabin. It’s gorgeous in a fall setting as you can see!  It has two smaller bedrooms & a nice sized living room/kitchen. I did a bit of decorating on the living room. I did mod the colors of the wall to add some autumn coloring to it. It’s super easy to tint to anyway you like! It’s currently out at the current Collabor88 for only 288L which is a insanely good price for this build. So don’t wait too long because the price will most likely go back up when it hits main store. It’s also of only 41 land impact. Also included modern fireplace, privacy windows, our *home control system, & porch light. Make sure to walk through the demo showroom! Happy Decorating & details are below<3 Aria


Build:Modern Mountain Cabin- Trompe Loeil *new @ C88
Chandelier: Jar Chandelier (large) – Trompe Loeil
Sofa: Ryan Sectional/Pg – Mudhoney
Trunk: Fashion Trunk (beachwood) – Apple Fall
Lamp/on Trunk: Rings Desk Lamp – Trompe Loeil *The Arcade
True Love sign – Seven Emporium *new @ Fameshed
Table/under True Love: Ezra Table – Second Spaces * The Men’s Room
Ashtray: ezra ashtray – Second Spaces *The Men’s Room
Rotary: ezra rotary- Second Spaces * The Men’s Room
Chair: Tolix Inspired Industrial Chair rare – Apple Fall * The Arcade
Lamp: SIlver Linings Lamp Noir – LISP
Dark grey Rug: Mesa Rug – what next
Crosshatch Rug: Grafix Rug/texture change – Mudhoney
Beige grey rug: Ryan Rug – Mudhoney
Newspaper pile – what next
Drinks Tray – Tartessos Arts
Paddles: ping-pong paddles (deco) – Apple Fall
Coffee Table: Ryan Coffee Table – Mudhoney
Magazine Rack – Mesa Magazine Rack- what next
Giant teller lamp (chrome) – Apple Fall
Tire bookshelf: T-Read Bookshelf floor – [Con]
Bookcase: Stephenson Bookcase – DIGS
Resting Easels – Apple Fall
Deco Floor Lamp- Trompe Loeil *The Arcade
Junkyard door (rusty) – Apple Fall
Country Print USA – Apple Fall
Wood Clock: mesa clock wood – what next
Blinds: Mesa blinds narrow long white – LISP
Map: Pin Love/world map – Commoner
Retro Television: encore
Greyhound painting: Apple Fall
Fireplace: Chateau Fire Advent Day six – Apple Fall
Winerack: Ezra winerack – Second Spaces * The Men’s Room
Potted Plant: potted plant exotic – Apple Fall * The Arcade
Jelly Bean Doormat wood – LISP * new @ C88
Grand Piano Noir with Seat – LISP
Bowie Rug – ionic
Charlotte Nerd Print 1 – LISP
Ladder: Autumn Ladder – Apple Fall






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