167 – angelica




Angelica – Glam Affair *coming soon!



hi ladies! I’m happy to share the newest and as always gorgeous face from Glam Affair. Aida has been very busy and giving us two brand new girl skins! I’m giving you a peek at Angelica ! There will also be two new boy skins for you guys ! I’m really excited to see also a brand new main store for Glam Affair. I know Aida has been working her little tush off to bring us all the newness. I’m super excited to check everything out! So keep your eyes peeled for updates ! Angelica comes with a ton of eyebrow colors & makeups. There are 12 makeups and a clean version of the skin. I’m wearing it in Europa which is my new favorite. It brings out my dark hair!  I’ve started left to right clean, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 & 12. Just so you get a idea of the makeups. I’m really in love with 12. I did a closer panel (up close) view on that one!  I love smokey eyeshadow & glossy lips. Watch for notices ! The new mainstore should be opening any day now! The wait is almost over ❤ Aria


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