169 – Neva



hi ladies ❤ If you’ve been looking for a new skin I’d say it’s about time to look in the direction of Glam Affair. There are three new classy lady faces to pick from now. Neva is probably my new love because ugh the freckles & those pouty lips.  Plus makeup one is pretty much the coolest with the darker and lighter lip combo. You can get Neva now at The Boutique TLC.
If this one doesn’t suite you def check out Lucy & Angelica at the Glam Affair mainstore. They are brand new and also amazing! At the moment Neva is only in American tone but I’m sure more skintones will be released in the future! (knowing Aida <3) 6 different brow options too! Go have a look !  ❤ Aria

Skin: Neva/Liaison Collaborative-The Boutique — Glam Affair *new
Eyes: Perspective Eyes Hazel – IKON
Hair: Tamara Dark Browns – DeLa
Extra freckles/Moles: addons moles & freckles (face) – dutch touch
Mole: Monroe Mole –  L’Fauna



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