177 – wizarding faire

Double, double, toil and trouble;

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Double, double, toil and trouble;

Something wicked this way comes!

hi all! I have many fandoms. Many strong fandoms one of the strongest being the magical world of Harry Potter. I was invited into this wonderful event and I wanted to bring you a few sneak peeks of it. But I’m far from this being the only post on it. The Wizarding Faire is October 6th- 20th. Right now the sim is closed while designers and bloggers can set up! So while you wait get your wishlists ready. You can check out the Wizarding Fair flickr group here to start eyeing it all! As you can see below I have shared a faire map which should make it easier on you to find your way around! Each store is named after a magical creature ! I wanted to support my Ravenclaw pride & head off to potions class. I also brought two friends with me Flutter the owl & Henry the Phoenix. There’s tons to explore and new magical friends to make at this year’s Wizarding Faire! Details are below (under the map) ❤ Aria




Skirt/Cardigan: Jenny Ravenclaw Black – Fateplay *new @ WF 2013
Scarf: Scarf Evans Eagle – Fateplay *new @ WF 2013
Necklace: A shift in time – Essences *new @ WF 2013
Bracelet: The Potion Master’s Secret Bracelet – Essences *new @ WF 2013
Tights: Plain Black Tights – Tres Blah
Shoes: Batty shoes – Lassitude & Ennui *new @ WF 2013
Glasses: Savant Glasses – Entente
Hair: Victoria Brunettes – Elika
Phoenix:  MishMish *new @ WF 2013
Potions Pose Prop: Double Double Toil & Trouble – Hopscotch *new @ WF 2013
Owl: Owlets Snowy (wizarding fair 2013) – Birdy *new @ WF 2013
Build: Mischief Managed Classroom


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