Change your heart
Look around you
Change your heart
It will astound you
I need your lovin’
Like the sunshine


Build: Candy Skybox – Kuro *new
Note bookshelf: Ottava Note Bookshelf – 11th Hour *new
Sofa: BD sofa/ cabin furniture – Dorian *new
End table/black: cabin furniture – Dorian *new
Lamp: Cabin Lamp Coal – Dorian *new
Coffee Table Black: Cabin furniture – Dorian *new
Map cushion: icon cushion 5 – NoDe
8mm open cases: Second Spaces *new
Memory box black & white – encore
Memory box yellow – encore
Records /shelf : 33 1/3 rpm set – Second Spaces *new
Rug: Ironwork Trellis Rug (grey) – Apple Fall
Shelf: hinge shelf – 11th Hour *new
Clock: Charlotte Clock Noir – LISP
Hydrangea Bunch : Apple Fall
Love*words on shelf: It’s Love – encore
Frame: Floria bedroom pic frame (small) – Bazar
Cage lamp: Nick’s cage lamp – lame.
Lights: francis lights (small) – TokiD
Amp: Twin Amp – KOPI
Guitar Sunburst: KOPI
Side table: Kira side table – Kuro
Taxi Lamp: Kuro
Wall lamp: Millesime Baignoire lamp – Cheeky Pea
Armchair/bold: Kira armchair – Kuro
Frame Shelf black: Lyn’s Frame Shelf – lame
Curtains: Greta curtains mesh – LeeZu
Lap puppy: Sculpty Creations (Jon Haskell)
Iron Weave Crate: encore
Throw Cushion White .4 : Evelyn throw cushion – Apple Fall
Throw Cushion White .2: Evelyn throw cushion – Apple Fall

Kitchen: Candy kitchen – Kuro *new
Shelves: candy kitchen shelves – Kuro *new
Island: Candy kitchen table w/lights – Kuro *new
Bin: Candy bin (yellow) – Kuro *new
Daises: candy daises (pink) – Kuro *new
Kitchen exhaust fan: Candy kitchen exhaust- Kuro *new
Scale: candy scale (green) – Kuro *new
Hanger: Candy hanger (yellow) – Kuro *new
Colored cups/bowls/plates: Candy kitchen – Kuro *new
Kitchen tools (blue): candy kitchen tools – Kuro *new
Stools: cafe stool 001 (bl) – Y’s House
Daily chalkboard/ think version – vespertine
Garden crate with plants – ITuTu
Table fan mini/teal: The Loft
French plates – floorplan
Chalkboard mini- Sari Sari
Eat a cupcake: part of the Charming Country Kitchen Set – Second Spaces
Cookie jar: bold dishes cookie jar – beach street
Berry Pie: poche (miyu adder)
White box: dynasty box/white – Barnesworth
Open book: Book with glasses – Dutchie
Coffee: 1st day of christmas coffee – Apple Fall
Grocery bag: Tartesso Arts
Kettle: The Domineaux Effect
Tea set: Kyusu/ochiba – Y’s House
Cafetiere:  Coastal Cottage Breakfast Room Cafetiere – what next



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