194 – the only whispers left

Found myself at your door,
Just like all those times before,
I’m not sure how I got there,
All roads they lead me here.

I imagine you are home,
In your room, all alone,
And you open your eyes into mine,
And everything feels better


Build: in the Woods (v2) – Kuro *new
Sofa/ Chairs: Quinn Sofa/Quinn Chairs/Voronoi Table  – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Fireplace/orange rug/pillow crate: Fall fireplace – Mudhoney * The Garden
Deer: oh deer (undecorated) – bauwerk *The Garden
Candles: Fall Candles – Kuro
Vintage Trike: Little Closet & PPA – Woodlands Gatcha *new
Yellow flowers planter: Wareham Planter – The Loft
Hanging pendant light*not for sale
Standing Lamp: Milton Standing Lamp  Pewter – DIGS
Red Dresser: Albany Dresser – DIGS * new for FLF
Telephone(black dot) – Soothe (menieelee gelles)
Tall stack of books- Second Spaces
Circle Frame White:Autumn Reclaim Frame Faded White – Scarlet Creative
Group of Lights: Francis lights (small) – TokiDoki
Large rug: rug apple tree – junk
Record Shelf: record shelf stained – floorplan
Wooden ducks: The Loft *new @ Fameshed
Log Rack/log lamp/stool/fur rug: Nature’s Way  – DIGS
Wooden vases: Kuro
Basket of Logs: Funky Junk
Classic Pouf Cow fur brown: 22769/ bauwerk * The Garden
Cube pouffe/travelled: junk
Table Lamp: Abby Table Lamp- Mudhoney
Flower bottle: summer bottle shade – keke
Wood Cage Lamp: Scarlet Creative
Vases: oddity vases earth – junk
Matchstick light/orange: junk
Lab Puppy by Jon Haskell







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