198 – london’s wild, but I’m alone


If you could feel my fire reach for you
flames draw high out to you
streetlight shines through my window,
it trembles for you
take my heart, there you go.
London’s wild, but I’m alone.
You’re so far but I’m not tired,
I’m coming for you.

Build: Neva Captain House 1- Scarlet Creative for Scarlet Apple *new @ C88

Sofa: Eva Chair/Eva ottoman Leather/Eva Corner – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Rug: Eva Rug – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Coffee Table: Eva Coffee Table – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Lounger: Industrial Lounger Linen- Trompe Loeil *new @C88
Grey pillow with yellow buttons: softies/ruggie – vespertine
Industrial lighting – floorplan*new @C88
Books: Eva Books – Mudhoney *new @C88
Chandelier: Eva Chandelier – Mudhoney *new @C88
Love art: Eva Art – Mudhoney *new @C88
Horn Sculpture – Mudhoney *new @C88
Ropey shelf wood – junk *new
Bazinga cross stitch : Collage
Giant Teller Lamp/Chrome: Apple Fall
sick day mags, soup, remote – Second Spaces *new
sick day tissues, thermometer, cough drops – Second Spaces *new
sick day pills, cough syrup – Second Spaces *new
Tiny House Lantern #2 – smaller – What Next
Tiny House Lantern #3- smaller – What Next
Dark Rug: Avenue Dark rug – Tartesso Arts
Wall Tree – Avenue Tree – Tartesso Arts
Buck art/Framed buck – PILOT & JIM *new @C88
Coat/hat stand – Tartesso Arts
Foosball: Nolan Painted foosball table – Cheeky Pea *new
Wicker ball lamp: Edi’s Lamp(wicker) – Apple Fall *new @ Men’s Department
Cat Lamp: meow unplugged- Sway’s *new
Chaise: Ram Chaise (dark chocolate) – Apple fall *new @ Men’s Department
Cushion: Ikat Throw Cushion/archi) – Apple Fall *new @Men’s Department
Circle rug: Natural Weave circular rug/grey – Apple Fall *new @ Men’s Department
Pile lamp/stripes – KURO
Wine Light(green) – encore *new/coming soon!
Tiny House Lantern #1 – smaller – What Next
Books/in fireplace : Apple Fall *new
Cotton ball lights/white : vespertine
Bike:  Huntington Bicycle – Cream – What Next
Stars/yellow – Zigana
London/tokyo/paris signs: Filmore Signs- Seven Emporium
Clock: Filmore Factory Clock – Seven Emporium


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