200 – a love like this won’t last forever


Slipping into the night love
It grows dark but you don’t mind
Hiding in the back streets, yeah, you’ll never notice me
All that I was thinking about was cleaning up my conscience
Lost in the memory as it shakes up the corners of my heart


Build: equinox attic skybox – vespertine *new
Bookcase: old wooden bookcase – vespertine *new
Bed: gaia natural wood slab – ARIA *new
Gaia clothing Rack with light – ARIA *new
Faux antlers – ARIA *new
Geometric Pendant Light (Gold) – Apple Fall
(deer) embroidery – Lark
Clean House? Never /art – The Loft
Deer Paintbrush Holder – Shabby Chic – half deer *new
lab vase cone – keke
lab vase tall – keke
Wine Light {green} – encore *new
apple bookends. – junk
hanging lightbulb – floorplan *new
Antler Frame – Noodles *new
Gaia standing mirror – ARIA *new
Heart of Polaroids Advent No. 3 – Apple  Fall
Fireplace: Quadro fireplace – ARIA *new
Cobblers Room Shine Chair RARE *and pieces* – Cheeky Pea/Con *gatcha @ Shoetopia *new
Cushion pile. vegetable soup. one. – junk
Gaia table light – ARIA *new
Gaia bedside table – ARIA *new
The optometrist’s locker – floorplan *new
Open book/on bed -thrift book – encore
Silvia Knit pouf – ARIA *new
Shag rug : gaia shag rug – ARIA *new
books spread out – second spaces
Deco book pile and a green tea mug – silva set – ARIA *new
Pride & Prejudice novel – floorplan
Rainbow rug: rucott
Dark rug: avenue dark rug – Tartesso Arts
Cubby Armchair (natural) – what next *new
Makeup tray: gaia makeup tray – ARIA *new
Bedside table: gaia bedside table- ARIA *new
Gaia Zamioculcas plant – ARIA *new
tall stack of books – second spaces
Planter Wellies – Red – 11th hour *new
Quadro potted Aspidistra – ARIA *new
taped paper ISLY – keke
photo clipped sketch 2 – keke
String Lights Advent 7 – Apple Fall
cotton ball lights/white – vespertine
milo cabinet. forest. – junk *new
juju chair. foxy. RARE /shoetopia – junk *new
dead flag lyrics – nordari *closed
Empty canvas – Bazar
Painter’s easel – Bazar
Artist Box – Tartesso Arts
Artist Table – Tartesso Arts
Clay Vases – Bazar
Art Books – Bazar
Artist Brushes – Tartesso Arts
Deer Paintbrush Holder – Natural – Half Deer *new
Color tubes – Bazar
Drawings – Bazar
Artist Palette – Tartesso Arts
Artist Paint Thinner – Tartesso Arts
Brushes – Toronto – Bazar




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