❤ happy decorating 🙂


Build: Dill Hurst Home – ROOST
Shower: Bremen Shower Pg – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Sink/vanity: Bremen Vanity – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Gazelle Sculpture (Coal) – theosophy *new
Rug: Ironwork Trellis Rug/grey – Apple Fall
Tub: Vivien free standing bathtub- ARIA *new
Light: Pendant light – ARIA *new
Books/tall stack- Second Spaces
Scale: Bremen Scale – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Notebook- Tartesso Arts
Telephone/black dot – Soothe
Mirror: Vivien decorative mirror – ARIA *new
Towels: Vivien rolled towls – ARIA *new
Curtains: Breeze curtains – Apple Fall
Toilet: Vivien wall mount toliet – ARIA *new
Toilet Brush: Vivien toilet brush – ARIA *new
Toilet paper: Vivien toliet paper – ARIA *new
Towel Rack: Vivien towel rack – ARIA *new
Clock: Charlotte Clock Noir – LISP
Framed print/beauty- Vivien framed print – ARIA *new
Birdcage: Acton Birdcage (Whitewash) S – {theosophy}
Potted Bromeliad : Vivien potted Bromeliad – ARIA *new
Vivien potted Dieffenbachia – ARIA *new
Hair Dryer: Vivien Hair dryer – ARIA *new
Soap Dispenser- Vivien soap dispenser – ARIA *new
Makeup mirror: Vivien decorative makeup mirror – ARIA *new
String lights curtain/white – KURO
String lights Advent 7 / ones around frame – Apple Fall


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