I can face it just about
I’d rather hurt than live without
I will rage and scream and shout
A life, a love, it’s dark and bright
It’s beautiful and it’s alright

Build: Floodwood Skybox (v3) – POST

Bed: Nostaglia Bed Wood/Gold – Scarlet Creative *new @ C88
Chandelier:nostalgic chandelier/rose gold -floorplan *new @ C88
Music box:  Music Box GACHA: Fantasy – Contraption
Curtain: Damage curtain small – Ink
Rug:Shabby Rug {vintage floral} – encore
Screen: toulon screen. cream. – junk *new
Luggage: Milton Luggage – DIGS
Hook&slip: Crawford Wall Hook & Slip – Lark *new @ C88
Mirror: Crawford Mirror – Lark *new @ C88
Stool: Crawford Stool – Lark *new @ C88
Hat Boxes: Crawford Hat Boxes – Lark *new @ C88
Dressing table: Crawford Dressing Table – Lark *new @ C88
Glove box: Crawford Glove Box – Lark *new @ C88
Music box: music box/vintage – floorplan
Radio: vintage radio – Tartessos Arts
Projector Vintage: Tartessos Arts



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