Skybox: ciaran skybox – llorisen
Bed: Penelope Bed/Adult – Mudhoney *new
Typewriter: Tartesso Arts
Books: Books B – The Loft
Fashion Trunk: Beachwood – Apple Fall
Teacup: tea leaves teacup – floorplan
Yellow flowers: Billyballs(silver) – theosophy
Circle Mirros: The Loft *new/group gift
Light ladder: You Light up My Ladder – Second Spaces *new
Ruffle curtains: Mudhoney
Grey mirror/starry mirror(metals) – tarte*new
Telescope: Godre’r Telescope (Gold) – theosophy *new @c88
Metal floor lamp: floorplan
Potter plant (exotic) – Apple Fall
Side chair: Taylor Side Chair Bone – The Loft *new/group gift
Pillows (on chair) : feels like heaven – Kuro
Tea/book: feels like heaven – Kuro
Side table: Taylor Side Table Dark Walnut – The Loft *new/group gift
Lamp: Alderan Lamp – The Loft *new/group gift
Rug: Ryan Rug – Mudhoney
White & grey rug: Ironwork Trellis Rug (grey) – Apple Fall
Book Clutter: floorplan
Pouf: Hiver pouf – ARIA
Don’t Matter Frame – The Loft *new /group gift
Dome ceiling light – junk *new
Round Cage Candle sm – The Loft
Wooden duckies – The Loft
Candles: Godre’r Candles (Gold) – theosophy *new @ C88
Painted Tail Birds- The Loft *new/group gift
Suitcase stacks – floorplan
Bianca free standing closet – ARIA *new
Repurposed crate shelf – Alouette *new
pulley light : junk *new
paint splattered old frame – llorisen
Mirrors: Ikon Mirrors – Tartesso Arts
Leather chair: Godre’s Chair (Leather) – theosophy *new @ C88
Chess: Chess set – theosophy *new
Circle /silver side table- theosophy *new
Ines Weave Screen Natural Illustrated – trompe loeil *new


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