249 – when will I learn


Skybox- Nicholaston Skybox – theosophy
Sofa: Verna lather sofa with cushions -ARIA
Chair: Luka Armchair/Girls Only – LISP *new @ Collabor88
Rug 1: Felt Ball Rug (Multi) – Lark *new
Rug 2: Ironwork Trellis Rug (Grey) – Apple Fall
Coffee Table: Voronoi Table – Cheeky Pea
Sumo cookie jar- MishMish
Jam Jar with paintbrushes : LISP
Spring candle tin / brass – keke
Double book lamp. 1.- junk
A cup of spring – Eggshell – Half Deer
Butterfly Sewing Machine – bbqq
Record Player + Stand – surf co
Canvas Rack: Apple Fall
Arch table lamp: tarte
Spring prints: floorplan
Guitar/sunburst: KOPI
Curtains: Plain Curtain Small – INK
String lights curtain/colorful – Kuro
Crystal lamp (Orange) – Kuro
Hanging Pansies – Light Wood – Alouette
Vita draftsman bar stool – ARIA
Wanderlust print – floorplan
Make more adventures print – Lark
Phone caddy/whitewash – Lark
Clip bird/neut – keke
Ilaria potted Orchid -ARIA
Snow jar/fox – keke
Ilaria decorative two glasses of red wine – ARIA
Ilaria Wine Bar – ARIA
Ilaria pouf – ARIA

Kitchen: Flynn Kitchen in Antique & stools – Mudhoney *new
Lamp: Flynn Lamp: Mudhoney *new
Lace curtains: Bazar
Full Shelf RARE/Kitchen Basics – tres blah
Rug: Soft Yarn Rug/Stripes – apple fall
Entryway Table – Whitewash – Lark
lab vase w magnolias – keke
tea towel ladder – floorplan
Cupcakes /tea time – tres blah
Baking RARE/kitchen basis – tres blah
Cutting Board RARE/kitchen basis – tres blah
Hand-Painted Bowl of Eggs – White – surf co
Recipe bin – floorplan
Daises/spring living – tres blah
Toaster: Bixleta/toaster yellow – artilleri
Wired Heart (White)/spring living – tres blah
Misc/Kitchen Basics- tres blah
Vintage kitchen scale – floorplan
Bakewear /kitchen basics – tres blah
Cookie Jars (Blue) / kitchen basics – tres blah
Navy Radio/spring living – tres blah
Tea tin courage – keke
Preserves/kitchen basics – tres blah
Summer bottle/shade – keke






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