252 – pirouette academy


hi everyone! I did a bit of a pish posh to do this post. I’ve always wanted to do a french ballet studio feel post. The Swan Lake items from U.F.O fit perfectly for the theme. I’ve been waiting for someone to do more ballet decor items! The Arcade opens officially tomorrow & runs till the 30th 🙂 It might be a bit hard to get in – BUT you have a entire month to shop!  You can check out the shopping list on the Arcade website. You can see the entire vendor lists there !  I’ve been able to get most of what I’ve wanted but I’m still missing the gorgeous mirror from Tres Blah! But I’m so determined!  Details are below for everything & good luck tomorrow! ! ❤ Aria


Skybox: Nicholaston Skybox – theosophy
Backdrop building: Paris Loft – Barnesworth
Ivy/modded the flowers out- Trompe Loeil
Lace curtains: Love Curtain with Pole – Scarlet Creative *the Arcade
Love Birds Lamp: Scarlet Creative *the Arcade
Nostalgic chandelier / rose gold- floorplan
Summer Garland: Imeka *the Arcade
Love Carriage Sofa: Scarlet Creative* the Arcade
Paris Pillow/Spring Living – Tres Blah (past arcade)
Sweet books – Imeka *the Arcade
Vintage Camera w/Tripod – Apple Fall *the Arcade
Flower table- Kalopsia *the Arcade
Bird Planter: Kalopsia * the Arcade
Vintage Portable Camera – Apple Fall *the Arcade
Papers(on floor) – intento inflexible – ionic
Bunny Dominos – Kalopsia *the Arcade
Floral typewriter(rare) – floorplan (past arcade)
Crown & Candle – tres blah *the Arcade
Sketchbook – Apple Fall *the Arcade
Cream rug/rug color change – Ane Slon Set *the Arcade
Mannequin with Hydrangea/swan lake -u.f.o *the Arcade
Simple pot/fell & Simple Pot w/ivy – iTuTu
Classic candle gold/swan lake- u.f.o *the Arcade
Classic phone beige- u.f.o *the Arcade
Elephant/color change – Ane Slon Set *the Arcade
Flowers Puff Chair1 – Ane Slon Set *the Arcade
Open book: Book – Ane Slon Set *the Arcade
Brown bear- wtf? bear – Boogers *the Arcade
Memo Board French/Bon Voyage – tres blah (past arcade)
Ballerina clock mint/swan lake – u.f.o *the Arcade
hello sign/rare – llorisen *the Arcade
standing mirror cream- llorisen *the Arcade
Manneqin ballet shoes v1 RARE/swan lake – u.f.o *the Arcade
Hanging ballet shoes pink/swan lake- u.f.o *the Arcade
Mannequin with clothes/swan lake – u.f.o *the Arcade
Dandelion Fairy Terrarium- ohmai *the Arcade
Sad Panda Blonde bear – Boogers *the Arcade
Stacked cushions RARE-llorisen *the Arcade
Stuffed bird/ice pink B- HPMD*
Mini Fridge: Mini-Polar(yellow) – Lark *the Arcade
Fox & girl print: spring prints- floorplan
Simple pleasures print: spring prints -floorplan
Framed picture.unicorn- tres blah *the Arcade
Framed Picture – Marie Antoinette-tres blah *the Arcade
Framed Picture – Let Them Eat Cake – tres blah *the Arcade
Framed Picture – Vogue- tres blah *the Arcade
Bonjour Glitter Sign – tres blah *the Arcade
Cloud Rug – Kalopsia *the Arcade
Branch light – iTuTu
Vintage Garden Table Light Blue- Imeka *the Arcade
Small Vase of Roses Yellow – tres blah *the Arcade
Candy Balls Lemon chiffon- Imeka *the Arcade
Candy Balls Light Blue- Imeka *the Arcade
Candy Balls Light Pink- Imeka *the Arcade
Fairy Whispers and Daisies-tres blah *the Arcade
Daises/Spring Living – tres blah (past arcade)
Rose vase 01/thinner vase – Imeka *the Arcade
Oyster cookies Rare- Imeka *the Arcade
Berry Sorbet – Imeka *the Arcade
Lovely Juice RARE – Imeka *the Arcade
Classic candle gold/swan lake – u.f.o *the Arcade
Wooden painted chair RARE- llorisen *the Arcade
Traveler Kitty/RARE – MishMish *the Arcade
Traveler Shelf – RARE -MishMish *the Arcade
All Kittys in Shelf (win each one!) – MishMish *the Arcade



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