257 – all of these stars will guide us home


Skybox: Studio skybox – tarte *new @ C88
Sofa: Nikka Leather Sofa – ARIA *new @ C88
Mirror: Neo Mirror White – The Loft *new @ C88
Anchor Wall Art – The Loft *new @ C88
Starfish Wall Art/North Wall art – The Loft *new @ C88
Helm Wall Art- The Loft *new @ C88
Repurposed shipwheel (steel) – tarte *new @ C88
Fireplace: Trend Fireplace – Tartesso Arts
Coffee Table: SilentDark [Kraken] To the Lighthouse – Schadenfreude *new @ C88
Deco old books: Nikka deco old books – ARIA *new @ C88
Small succulent plant type 2/Nikka – ARIA *new @ C88
Small succulent plant type 1/Nikka – ARIA *new @ C88
Small succulent plant type 3/Nikka – ARIA *new @ C88
Vintage Macaroons plate/Nikka – ARIA *new @ C88
Round Cage Candle sm – The Loft
Rug/Nikka rug – ARIA *new @ C88
Navy stool: Zelia Stool – Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Wooden Duckies – The Loft
Plant: Zelia Plant – Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Loveseat: sailor’s loveseat / stripes PG – floorplan *new @ C88
Ottoman: sailor’s ottoman / stripes PG – floorplan *new @ C88
Yellow painted- Zelia Pillow Painted – Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Vintage Screen ~ Group Gift -what next *new
Boat Oars (standing)- Apple Fall
Chair:Nautical Basic Chair Natural Trompe Boat- Trompe Loeil *new @ C88
Brown shabby rug: Jute Natural Rug – Apple Fall
Hanging lamp: Roxanne Lamp Bone – The Loft
Bookcase unit 1/light – vespertine
Driftwood Frame (natural)/ Summer House – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade
Shell: starfish – nordari (store closed)
Record shelf/stained – floorplan
Gramophone/ A Fishing Getaway – Breno * new @ Arcade
Reading book pile: Apple Fall
Worn Luggage Bag: Apple Fall *new @ Arcade
Boat shelf: To the Lighthouse Shelves-Schadenfreude *new @ C88
Desk:Hemingway Desk Set – Standby Inc *new @ C88
Anchor marquee light- floorplan
Laying books: Books B – The Loft
Oars/hanging: Beachcomber Shelf (6B) – Lark *new @ C88
Clipped print/fauna fishes – vespertine
Plain curtains – Ink
Lamp: Tree Lamp/Summer House – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade
Boat: Harry’s Boat – Apple Fall
Sailor Shelf/Summer House – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade
Beach Step Ladder RARE – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade
Whale Sign/Summer House – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade
Lamp: Icon Tower Lamp/December- Apple Fall
Purse: Zelia Bag – Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Books: Zelia Books – Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Painted Tail Birds: The Loft
Rug: Tribeca Striped Rug – The Loft
Fishing Rod/Fishing Getaway – Breno *new @ Arcade
Fly Fishing Case/Fishing Getaway – Breno *new @ Arcade
Towel Crate/Summer House – Sari-Sari *new @ Arcade


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