260-Cassia for Creation.jp


hi all ! A lovely new face from Glam Affair – Cassia. Cassia is now at Creation. jp. You can get her in either Artic or Asia. Eight makeups, nine eyebrow colors, one nose tattoo layer, and ten lipsticks to pick from ! Lots of ways to get you’re own personal look. 🙂 The gorgeous hair is from Tableau Vivant for The Fantasy Collective. I was feeling very Game of Thrones in this post. >:D Some of the hair strands are photoshopped in (fyi!) If you’re curious more about Creation.jp – Seraphim also did a blog post here on some more of the items! Happy shopping <33 Aria


Skin: Cassia skin (Asia) – *new Glam Affair for Creation.jp
Hair: Lindgren Hair – Tableau Vivant *new for Fantasy Collective
Hair Feathers: Warrior – Spellbound
Eyes: Promise Eyes Hazel – IKON
Dress: Ornate Dress White – Pixicat *new @ I ❤ Rp
Necklace: Crystal Necklace – Fashionably Dead
Tattoo: The Swan and the Sign – Aitui


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