261 – Summerfest <3



hi everyone ! Today is the first day of Summerfest ! This is a small peek into all of the amazing creations that are up for grabs at this fantastic event! I’ve included a map of Summerfest below to help out  Summerfest lasts until July 13th! Here’s a taxi to check everything out ! Details are below and get ready to empty your wallet ! ❤ Aria


Bed: Atlantic Gazer Prefab – Scarlet Creative *new
Bed: sailbed(anchors) RARE – pizza’s & tarte *new @ Summerfest
Vintage rides sign – Second Spaces *new @ Summerfest
Suntan/lotions: beach day/pale skin – Second Spaces *new @ Summerfest
Merboy & Mermaid Emerald – MishMish *new @ Summerfest
Lazy Summer Scene/beach- Ohmai! – *new @ Summerfest
Lantern: Captain’s Desk lantern/silver – floorplan *new @ Summerfest
Saltwater taffy- Second Spaces *new @ Summerfest
Hedgehog in Coconut/Coco buddy hedgehog A – Ohmai! *new @ Summerfest
Flamingo D (leg up/coral) – Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Flamingo A (on bed) – Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Squirt Hedgehog – Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Cool Hedgehog – Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Payphone/coral – floorplan *new @ Kustom 9
Ninja Hedgehog – Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Hedgehog Castle- Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Buried Hedgehog – Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Mermaid Hotel/Melville Sign – Commoner *new @ Summerfest
Vintage snack bar sign – Second Spaces *new @ Summerfest
Funky Fence Colors – Boogers *new @ Summerfest
Boxkite/teal Squares – Boogers *new @ Summerfest
BoxKite Yellow Blotch – Boogers *new @ Summerfest


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