Skybox: Classical White – RageWorks
Sofa: Lydia sofa (mirrored) – ARIA *new @ C88
Grey & White pillow: Chelsea petals – Mudhoney
Black & Gold Pillow: Chelsea glitter – Mudhoney
Pillow: Monogram Pillow *A* – Commoner
Side table: Odyssey side table – Second Spaces *new @ C88
Vase: Anfisa vase – Kuro *new @ C88
Open Book: Thrift Book – encore
Marble box black & white: Mudhoney *new @ C88
Coffee table/round: Lydia Coffee Table – ARIA *new @ C88
Vintage camera: Bon Voyage gatcha – tres blah
Lydia Amsonia flowers in a vase – ARIA *new @ C88
Lydia decorative knot  figurine – ARIA *new @ C88
Lydia decorative book pile (book) – ARIA *new @ C88
Book pile/six books: Books B – The Loft
Lounge: Zoe Lounge White – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Book pile on Lounge: Ansel Book Pile – Cheeky Pea
Rug: Chelsea rug – Mudhoney
Odyssey column table – Second Spaces *new @ C88
Frame: Frame 3 – The Loft
Marble orb – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Odyssey bowl of figs – Second Spaces *new @ C88
Floor lamp: Chelsea Floor Lamp – Mudhoney
Chair: Zoe chair white – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Skull pillow: Chelsea Pillow – Mudhoney
Black side table: Zoe table/black – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Lamp: Zelia Lamp – Mudhoney
Books: Zelia Books – Mudhoney
Odyssey pillow stack – Second Spaces *new @ C88
Wooden Urn: Mudhoney *new @ C88
Flowers: Meadow Flowers – Apple Fall
Tall bookstacks : vespertine
Top shelf books: Apple Fall
Book rows : what next
Book clutter: Arizona
Stool: Zelia navy stool – Mudhoney
Mirror: Zoe Mirror Black – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Rings candle holder/iron – junk
Fern Specimen: Apple Fall
Odyssey wall art – Second Spaces *new @ C88
Black dresser: Zoe Dresser – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Phonograph – Westward Gallop – Contraption
Orbs: Golden & brown – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Square/flower pot: Billyballs (silver) – theosophy
Staff: Lightning Staff – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Jars plans /tall – Insolence Jars Plant – Tartesso Arts
Skinny Vase/silver Chelsea – Mudhoney
Marble orb – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Curtains: Zoe Curtains – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Flower curtains/white – ionic *new @ Chapter Four
Sheer curtains : Plain curtains small – Ink


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