285 -pigment in your memory

all of a sudden,
you changed my mind.
pulled back the curtains
a little at a time.

Dining table: Virginia Dining Table – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Place Setting: Virginia Place setting – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Dining Chair: Snow/ Virginia Set – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Vintage Barn Light: Art Dummy
Candles: Virginia Candles – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Dresser bench/rustic : tarte *new @ TLC
Cake: Fall Harvest Cake – Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Bunny Spongecakes – Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Cat: 10 scared – fashionably dead
Lace Table: Rustic Lace table – Scarlet Creative *coming soon
Coffee Station + Shelf: Roux Coffee Station/winter – Cheeky Pea *new
Le Lait can/milk can – floorplan
Be Merry Print: Brixley
Hanging heart chalkboard : floorplan
Photo plank: Brixley
Pudding Tris : Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Cake boxes: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Panda Chocolates Box: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Strawberry Wipped Cupcakes Tray: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Sweets Tray: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Kawaii Patisserie Corner: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Stored cups: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Hot Chocolate : Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Paws Biscuits: Glam Affair *new @ Kawaii Project
Plant: Reaching Plant – Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Cabinet: Stockholm Entry Cabinet Rare – Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Stepladder: Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Wooden Crate: Brixley
Copper Pan set – Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Bags of Flour: Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Mixing Bowl Set – Apple Fall *new @ Chapter Four
Chocolate/happiness framed print – Brixley
Potted flowers: Virginia flowers/set – Cheeky Pea *new @ Fameshed
Paper spool/groceries – floorplan & willow *new
Milk Can/willows : Cheeky Pea
Simple pot with Ivy : iTuTu
Lace Curtains: Bazar
Build: Lavender Brown House Prefab – Scarlet Creative *new @ C88


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