304 – the healing garden

Hi everyone ! Another sneek teaser/peek at the wonderful items coming to The Arcade event by Vespertine. I love Amelie’s work and this has put another mark on the list of lovelyness that she always creates. For a long time the only thing that existed for records/record shops was from Creamshop (you know way back in the day) but I’ve been longing for a record shop with updated things to choose from. If you’re in the same boat – The Healing Garden is perfect for you. I put the gatcha key below so you can add to your Arcade wishlist. I’m in love with the entire set ! Make the record shop of your dreams 🙂 If you’d like to check out the entire Arcade lineup and start on your wishlists this weekend – check out the Arcade website here. Only two days till the big event! ❤ Aria

Record shop: healing garden building – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Outside: Mochi bar sakura/RARE – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Bench: harajuku bench/texture change – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Table: harajuka table/texture change – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Chair: harajuka chair/texture change – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Suitcase player – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Record shelf/floor unit 2 – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Record shelf/floor unit – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Piano/wood dot – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Vinyl butterflies – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Record wall shelf – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Frames/photos /secret march item – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Record showcase shelf – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Hanging paperbirds – vespertine
Midori record player/seafoam – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Dot vinyl shelf/earth – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Forever sign – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Bamboo lamp/ secret prize 2 – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Chochin hanging lantern /tex change- vespertine *new @ Arcade
Red paper lantern – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Pink paper lantern – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Record stool Jazz – mdrm/soothe
intento inflexible – desk stool – ionic
Rug: bowie rug – ionic
Mini plant table – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Mug : pantone mug/texture change – vespertine
Headphones: radio headphones – fashionably dead
Chinese food – apple fall
Ceiling lights – boho ceiling lights – tarte *new


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