Tunic: Breeze Tunic/Snow – Coquet *new @ Fameshed
Jeans: Retro Fit Jeans/Indigo – Coquet *new @ Fameshed
Necklaces: Lucky Cat Charm/Stars/Good Health – Nylon Outfitters *new @ Arcade
Mp3 Player: Music Pocket green – Tentacio *new @ Arcade
Headphones: Radio Headphones/Navy – fashionably dead
Cat bag : Well cat’s out of the bag/thank you – theosophy *new @ Arcade
Scarf: Scarf grey – Tentacio *new @ Arcade
Purse: Purse Camel – Tentacio *new @ Arcade
Hair: Feronia – Truth

Decor & Building:
The Laundromat – Oyasumi *new @ Arcade
Tossed clothes – Tres Blah *new @ Arcade
Magazines: Fashion Magazines/Women’s – Le Primitif *new @ Arcade
Smart Phone: Mudhoney *new @ Arcade


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