Home: Andy Country House – Glam Affair *new @ Kustom 9
Screen: Folding sceen – Zigana
Curtain: Damage Curtain L – INK
Bookcase: Jacob Bookcase – LISP
Rug: Ironwork Trellis Rug/Grey – apple fall
Vases: Andy Vases / white – Glam Affair *new @ Kustom 9
Sofa: Grace sofa /adult grey – Mudhoney
Coffee table: alpha desk A – Second Spaces
Basket: Toronto throw pillow basket – Bazar
End table: rose table/ivory – dust bunny
Planter: tea planter/yellow – tarte
Lamp: old floor lamp/silver – tarte
Whale sign: Chalkboard – Willow Home
Table plant: Amy Plant – Mudhoney
Boxes: old card catalog drawers – Second Spaces
Industrial Lamp/ Andy – Glam Affair *new @ Kustom 9
Hodgepodge – Catch All – tres blah
Owl cushion – Yellow owl cushion – iTuTu
Yellow Pillow: Leslie pillow – Mudhoney
White Pillow: Leslie Pillow – Mudhoney
Grey Chevron Pillow: leslie Pillow – Mudhoney
Cup of Joe /Hodgepodge – tres blah
Picture frame / Andy – Glam Affair *new @ Kustom 9
Wall table – Glam Affair *new @ Kustom 9
Chair: Neve chair yellow – Mudhoney
Shadow kitty – ionic
Happiness print – Willow
Hanging heart chalkboard – floorplan
Ladder light (white washed) – tarte *new @ Kustom 9
Stacked Magazines – tres blah
Devon Lily bouquet – Aria & The Loft
Always print – floorplan
Step shelves / white – Second Spaces
Snail Mail/ Hodgepodge – tres blah
Ceramic Owl – Mudhoney
Bored Cat Books – Mudhoney
Yellow Orchids – Mudhoney
Small Vase of Roses/Yellow – tres blah


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