Hair: Shout – Exile *new @ Arcade
Skin: Elsie/Biscuit – Pink Fuel *new @ Arcade
Nose: Button Nose + Freckles – Pink Fuel *new @ Arcade
Lid: Lid 01 / Brown-dark – Pink Fuel *new @ Arcade
Lipgloss: Bitten Red /Elsie Lipgloss – Pink Fuel *new @ Arcade
Crown: Silver Fantasy Princess Crown – Junbug
Necklace 1: Point Crystal /Quartz – Yummy *new @ Arcade
Necklace 2: Rough Crystal / Blue – Yummy *new @ Arcade
Corset: Temptation Corset / Dark Rare – Pixicat *new @ Arcade
Dragon: Firefly Dragon (secret) – Half Deer *new @ Arcade
Headpiece: Abyssal Head Fins/Mermaid’s Majesty – Half Deer *new @ Arcade
Bracer: Kraken Bracer Rare / Mermaid’s Majesty – Half Deer


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