336 – “The one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person.”

Skybox: Bachelor Loft Dark – EliBaily
Hanging Rope Lights/Gold – tarte
Sofa: Winslow Sofa Black – EliBaily
Life in Years Print – Selah
Chair: Winslow Chair Black – EliBaily
Loveseat: Chester leather Sofa Dark Brown – EliBaily
London Rug: Los Robles London Rug – Cheeky Pea *new
Mirror: Vista Mirror – The Loft
Coffee table black- Nar Coffee Table – EliBaily
Typewriter: Bletchley Typewriter black – EliBaily
Plant: Potted Nap Plant – EliBaily
English Breakfast: EliBaily
Dark Rug: Avenue Dark Rug – Tartessos Arts
Coffee Table: Los Robles London Coffee Table – Cheeky Pea *new
Candle: Sherwood Candles
Tealights holder: Sherwood Tealights Dark – EliBaily
Remote: The Loft
Bell jar: Mechanical flower – vespertine
Golf Bag: Vintage PNP Black/Print – EliBaily
French Bulldog: Hannah Kozlowski (on mp)
Coffee Table Drum: Drum Kit CoffeeTable- EliBaily
Notebook: Notebook IFall 2015 – Apple Fall *gift for Seraphim
Pipe Lamp Black – EliBaily
Lamp: Zelia Lamp – Mudhoney
Shelves: wall desk wood – junk
City lights/buildings – junk
Canvas small – Felix Frames – Mudhoney
Photo Frames/Black – EliBaily
Tv: Seventies Tv – Tartessos Arts
Vintage Radio : Tartessos Arts
London Art 1: Los Robles London Art 1 – Cheeky Pea *new
London Art 2: Los Robles London Art 2 – Cheeky Pea *new
Crossed Arrows White – Token&Tribe
Time Card Shelf – Seven Emporium
Think Board – EliBaily
Pendant Light – junk
Step ladder shelf Plant – junk
Gazelle Sculpture – theosophy
paris street sign – junk
street sign soho square black – junk
keyhole clock – junk
fin sign: neon gacha / fin – floorplan *new @ Arcade
Industrial sign : Cheeky Pea
Books B: The Loft
Books: Apple Fall
Aurora Deco books – ARIA
books: nordari (closed)
moth collector – vespertine
Brown Chair: Gale Chair – Mudhoney *new
Open book: Thrift book – encore
Floor clock : junk *new @ Arcade
Mirror/small – encore
Radiator Lamp: EliBaily
Repurposed wagon light – junk
book stacks – vespertine


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