346 – my heart’s too big for my own body

Skybox: Lilloet Skybox – Cheeky Pea * new @ TMD
Sofa: Ophelia three sitter sofa – ARIA
Pillow1: Leslie Pillow/Ikat – Mudhoney
Pillow2: Leslie Pillow/white – Mudhoney
Pillow3: Leslie Pillow/Wavy – Mudhoney
Boxes: Industrial Storage Boxes – Cheeky Pea
Litebook go: tarte
Potted plant: tarte
Screen: Repurposed Screen – Cheeky pea
Hanging twig light/gold – tarte
Straight Panel Closet Doors- DIGS
Rug: Ophelia Rug – ARIA
Coffee table: Diedra coffee table – ARIA
Books: Ophelia decorative books & steel balls – ARIA
French bulldog – Hanna Kozlowski on MP*
Plants cabinet – dust bunny
Hanging rope lights/gold – tarte
Petal mirror- wannabe boho petal mirror – junk
Starry mirror/metals – tarte
Cat Print – apple fall
Planter- Wareham Planter – The Loft
Armchair: Ophelia armchair – ARIA
Sleeping Puppy in blanket – ISPACHI
Trunk: Fashion Trunk / Beachwood – Apple Fall
Boho ceiling lights – tarte
Floor light: Ophelia floor light – ARIA
Light: wagon wheel light / maple – tarte
Picture doors – junk
Book Page frame/kerouac – tarte
Aloe vera plant – Bazar
Books in shelves (modded off apartment) – Barnesworth
Basket – Amy Basket – Mudhoney
Chair: Thrift Chair three – tarte
Table lamp: Abby Table Lamp – Mudhoney
Le lait can – floorplan
Round cage candle sm – The Loft
Books B – The Loft
Little desk plant – tarte
Planter: Salcombe planter – Cheeky Pea
Canvas : Diedra blank canvas group- ARIA
Old card catalog – Second Spaces
Fatty bunny planter – ISON Home
Artsy books – tarte
Plant: Amy plant – Mudhoney
Vintage fashion sketches – Second Spaces
Sunflowers/white – tarte
Frame 1, 2, 3 (fireplace) – Amy Frames – Mudhoney
Twig lights – tarte
Stack of boots – Barnesworth
Candlesticks – Amy candlesticks – Mudhoney
Ceramic Owl – Mudhoney
Trinket Box: Amy Trinket Box – Mudhoney


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