349 – crossing your heart & hoping

hi guys ! In case you haven’t heard there’s a little event starting in about 11 hours. My FAVORITE event on the grid with some of the classiest designers and the greatest creations every year. I’m always excited even after blogging this event many times with just how creative everyone is (bloggers & designers) for Arcade. Check out the amazing shopping guide over at the Arcade website ! I’ll be blogging here a few sneak peeks as usual! So check because I loved so much from this round and I have a lot I want to show you guys ! I’m in love with glowy white soft colors and I was in love with these glitter balloons since I saw the vendor for it. And how bad ass is this stuff from Pixicat? I love how edgy and elegant it is at the same time. It also comes in black and pink ! Details are below for everything ! Happy Arcade & get your wishlists ready !

Balloons: MoonLightLounge. Glitter balloon. (L) 1Li (C) – {anc} *new @ Arcade
Dress: Bastet Dress White – Pixicat *new @ Arcade
Harness: Bastet Harness – Pixicat *new @ Arcade
Sphynx: Bastet Sphynx (hold 2) RARE -pixicat *new @ Arcade
Hair: Editorial/Western Wind – Tableau Vivant *new @ Arcade
Nose jems : Style 3 gold rare – MONS *new @ Arcade
Septum: Gold Septum rings Royal Rare – Yummy *new @ Arcade
Skin: Sia Europa 6 c88 feb – Glam Affair


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