356 – we wait for the afterglow

Home: Greenwich Park House MC – Scarlet Creative * Fall Arcade 2015
Bed: Willow Tree Bed White – Trompe Loeil
Headboard: The Forget me Not Bedroom Door Wall Lamp- Olive
Leaf Mobile – tarte *new @ MIX
Home Sweet Home Heart – Apple Fall
Canopy: Lace white – anc
Chandelier: Classic gold – Fancy Decor
Stacking Pouf: Kalopsia *new
Iron Basket Rust- Kalopsia *new
Deer Pull Along Toy – Kalopsia *new
Tan Cushion: Ruffle Cushion -Mudhoney *new
White Cushion: Ruffle Cushion – Mudhoney *new
Paper pile/ Hodgepodge – tres blah
Kitty: Cat 10 – fashionably dead
Antique mirror/white – Picnic
Train Station Clock – Kalopsia *new
Wood horse Head Statue – Kalopsia *new
Computer: workspace/computer – tres blah
Mag & yogurt: Morning Start/hodgepodge – tres blah
Tin Can Plants / 1 – Kalopsia *new
Falling over books/behind computer: Cheeky Pea
Bored Cat Books /top of basket : Mudhoney
Basket Table: dust bunny
Cornish Dolls House – Apple Fall
Lamp- Heart on a White Branch Lamp – Cheeky Pea
Desk: arche desk – junk
Chair: arche desk chair – junk
Pillow: Leslie pillow/beige – Mudhoney
Rug: Gray Rug – Fancy Decor
Divider: Ygritte Reclaimed Divider/ White Mirror – LISP
Brassiere/ Eclectic Collection – tres blah
Leaning Chalkboards: floorplan
Bike: Grand Bi w/Lights – Kalopsia *new
Curtains: Bennett Curtains – The Loft


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