357 – just a small bump in the road

hi lovelies ! If you know anything about me and I’m sure it’s quite apparent on my blog that I love EVERYTHING fall. I wouldn’t say I’m basic bitch pumpkin spice status but I def love all and everything fall decor related. A wonderful Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea let me in on a little secret that she was working on and I can def say it went up on my little piece of land ASAP. This gorgeous covered bridge is probably my favorite landmark of my home now. I love to just sit on the bridge and look around at all the wonderful colors that autumn has to offer on my little home. It has some wonderful features such as tons of single, couple, and adult poses for the bridge. Also comes with a rezzer that allows for the beautiful lace curtains, leaves, and hanging lights. You can do with or without ! Totally up to you.  There are extra straight and incline bridge attachments that you can also add on if need be so it’s great for adjusting just in case you may already have a bridge up and need to swap out. Also there is a winter bridge too with white wood ! Make sure to have fun and explore the Wedding Bridge from Cheeky Pea coming soon to LTD <333 Aria xo.

Bridge: Wedding Bridge Autumn – Cheeky Pea *new & coming soon to LTD.

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