360 – Caroline

hi all! A new favorite from Glam Affair. I’m def a system skin fan vs mesh head. I love that I can change out so much with it and add so many freckles/body moles etc. Not including all the things you can do with makeup and eyeshadow. Aida has given us a new system skin that has 8 different eyebrow colors, 10 lipsticks (tattoo layers), 8 Eyes Makeup (tattoo layers) , and 1 thick eyebrow in 12 colors. Glam Affair has released a new face – Caroline at the Uber. I def recommend her and she also comes in Artic – Europa – Asia – America – Jamaica – Exotic – India – Africa. I took some of my favorite combos and added them but there are tons of makeup and eyeshadow opts. Also just so everyone knows ! I’m moving to FL (across the country) to live near my family ! I will be kind of on a small hiatus of sorts possibly one week. Hopefully I’ll be back sooner when I get online access ! Happy shopping and see you soon ! ❤ Aria

Skin: Caroline – Glam Affair *new @ Uber
Dress: Lumberdress Plaid Blue – Fishy Strawberry *new @ Uber
Necklace: Bottle Necklace/ Jar Crystal – Yummy *new @ Ephinany
Hair: Empty Gold – Magika *new


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