368 -there is a light. don’t let it go out



hi all ! It’s that lovely time of year! I’m not talking about Christmas (haha) Arcade is opening December 1st just in time for all your gift giving to loved ones or maybe just yourself ;). TREAT YOURSELF ❤ Make thoses lists asap and give your friends little hints just in time for the holiday. As usual the lovely Arcade staff have the December shopping list up and ready for viewing over at the Arcade website. I put together a little decor that was very much inspired by a victorian Christmas bedroom. I hope you guys like it and best luck with your Arcade wishes ! Don’t forget to grab the gifts under the Christmas tree also ! There’s some really lovely gifts from creators ! More Arcade peeks coming soon ! ❤ Aria
Build: Classic White – RageWorks
Bed: Manhattan Bed Rare – tarte *new @ Arcade
Tree: Magical Christmas – Christmas Tree – RARE – Zerkalo *new @ Arcade
Chandelier/white – Fancy Decor
Rug: Gray Rug – Fancy Decor
Hanging Stars – Kalopsia
Wooden Fireplace 3 – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Heater 5 – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Hanging twig snowflake/white – tarte *new @ Arcade
Chair with pillow/lace – tarte *new @ Arcade
Curtains – Breeze curtains – Apple Fall
Cushions 13 – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Pile of Presents: Magical Christmas- Zerkalo *new @ Arcade
Yarn Basket – Dust Bunny *new @ Arcade
Blanket Crate – tarte *new @ Arcade
Husky: Kolouk Husky (cookies!) – xin *new @ Arcade
Basket: Pom Pom Basket – Dust Bunny *new @ Arcade
Sheet music frame – tarte *new @ Arcade
Linen Stockings – Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Wood Divider- Ariskea
Let it Snow throw pillow – Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Bell garland/silver 12 – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Cutout Cukoo Clock White – Fancy Decor *new @ Arcade
Jackalope Baby/Peeking – Half Deer *new @ Arcade
Jackalope Baby/Busy Body – Half Deer *new @ Arcade
Watercolor Deer Frame – tarte *new @ Arcade
Wooden Snowflakes – Fancy Decor *new @ Tannebuam
Robin nest /natural – Dust Bunny *new @ Arcade
Holiday Treats/natural – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Rotary candleholder – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Fireflies jar 14 – vespertine *new @ Arcade
Bunny foofoo/sitting – Kalopsia *new @ Tannebaum
Silver Rocking Horse – Kalopsia *new @ Tannebaum
Tree Marquee – tarte *new @ Arcade
Tealight Centerpiece – tarte *new @ Arcade
White Rose Pitcher – Dust Bunny *new @ Arcade
Rustic Houses – JIM *new @ Tannenbaum
Snow globe/Snow Man – Yummy
Snow globe / Nutcracker – Yummy
Books/spread out – Second Spaces
Books/short stack – Second Spaces
Snow globe/car – Dust Bunny
Tied Books – Apple Fall


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