369 – under lock & key


Build: The Arcade Dec 15 Campbell House RARE – Scarlet Creative *new @ Arcade
Curtains: Bennet Drapes White – The Loft
Christmas tree/Rare – Apple Fall (older Arcade)
Sofa: The Arcade Dec 15 Campbell Tartan Sofa – Scarlet Creative *new @ Arcade
Rustic Giftbag Spots – Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Rustic Giftbag Tan – Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Noel Tin Train : hive *new @ Tannbaum
Twig Cone Tree : Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Upcycled easel lights/dark wood – tarte
Wall Candles: aisling *new @ Arcade
Hanging Light String: Taylor Set- Cheeky pea
Plaid Stockings 1-4 : Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Deer Marquee Rare- floorplan (older Arcade)
Coffee table – aisling *new @ Arcade
Rugs- aisling *new @ Arcade
Armchair: Gustavian armchair – NOMAD *new @ Arcade
Throw Pillow/warm knits – Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Lounge: Gustavian chaise – NOMAD *new @ Arcade
Plank panels/white – Fancy Decor
Grandfather clock- NOMAD *new @ Arcade
Potted plant: aisling *new @ Arcade
Baubles wreath : NOMAD *new @ Arcade
Baubles tree: NOMAD *new @ Arcade
Black Ceramic Lamp: Fancy Decor
Silver Sphere Chandelier – NOMAD *new @ Arcade
Cage lamp: aisling *new @ Arcade
Rustic giftboxes: Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
Wall light: Taylor Scalloped Wall Light – Cheeky pea
Black Leather bag: Mudhoney
Winter metal box dusk – keke *new @ Arcade
Ornamental tiny trees: NOMAD *new @ Arcade
Antique telelphone black : floorplan (older Arcade)
Canvas shoes black : Mudhoney *new @ Arcade
End Table: Gustivan end table – NOMAD *new @ Arcade
Picture frames/toronto set – BAZAR
Metal tree topiary – Mudhoney
Hammered silver tree – Trompe Loeil *new @ Arcade
Boho Ceiling lights – tarte
Porcelain deer /coal : dust bunny
Wood table: old wood thing – aisling
French Bulldog: Hannah Kozlowski * on MARKETPLACE
Candle set: aisling *new @ Arcade

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