387 – the traveling gardner



Old travel trailer/My Trailer Life – Soy *new @ Arcade
Bed/ My Trailer Life – Soy *new @ Arcade
String Party Lights/A blink – floorplan
Lace Curtains/Le Secret – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Flower chair RARE – keke *new @ Arcade
Console: Winter console dusk – keke
Pillow pile- tarte *new @ Arcade
Notebook stack/ novelist – SORGO *new @ Arcade
Shelf decor – PLAAKA
Ivy/ Le Secret – Ariskea *new @ Arcade
Garden Tool Box – PLAAKA
Gardening Struts – PLAAKA
Researcher’s Journal/ storybook living – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
Paper Stack RARE/ novelist – SORGO *new @ Arcade
Fresh Bouquet / storybook living – dust bunny *new @ Arcade
Pruning Shears – PLAAKA
Paper Balls/ novelist – SORGO * new @ Arcade
Caged picture hanger RARE – tarte *new @ Arcade
Bra Plants – Lark
Flower Pot – PLAAKA
Eggplant Crate/ Green Grocers – 8f8
Step stool/earth – tarte *new @ Arcade
Fertilizer – PLAAKA
Plants (on floor) – Kalopsai
Fern: Amy Plant – Mudhoney
Key hanging mobile – vespertine
Noteboard/novelist – SORGO *new @ Arcade
Gardening Rubber Boots- PLAAKA
Cat standing – fashionably dead
Cat sitting down – fashionably dead

From Left to Right on shelf –
Love Plant in Pot – Scarlet Creative
Plant three – Zigana
Jar Plant – tarte
Bird Planter – Kalopsia
Grassy Plant – Mudhoney
Tea Planter/yellow – tarte
Plant with Pottery Bowl – Soy
Potted Orchid – tarte
Watering can – Pixel Mode
Little desk Plant – tarte
Potted Plant – tarte


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