Skybox: Ciaran skybox – LLorisen
Bed: addison bed/aztec – tarte *new
Marquee: Board/dance – floorplan *new
Large bulb light – tarte
Classic Chandelier/gold – fancy decor
Throw rug/stencil – floorplan
Brown rug: Ombre rug / Janey’s set – Kalopsia
Scroll cabinet- Leslie’s Cabinet in white – Kalopsia
Postcard Frame/Leslie’s Set – Kalopsia
Tv tray/white – Mudhoney *new
Bird planter – Kalopsia
Wine duet/ hodgepodge set – tres blah
End table: odds & ends table – tarte
Gold cage lamp- fancy decor
OOTD/hodgepodge (items on bed) – tres blah
Desk: Tamsin’s Desk – Kalopsia
Storage box /floral – fancy decor
Traveling typewriter/gold – floorplan
Cat/curious – fashionably dead
Chair- Tamsin’s Chair – Kalopsia
Planter: Bicolore vase white – Kalopsia
Vase/ blossoming flowers – dust bunny
Morning start/yogurt / hodgepodge – tres blah
Snail mail/hodgepodge – tres blah
Stacked magazines/hodgepodge – tres blah
Pencil cup/ workspace – tres blah
Paper pile/hodgepodge – tres blah
Vintage space heater – dust bunny
Beaded lamp/ Leslie’s – Kalopsia
Catch all/starbucks /hodgepodge – tres blah
& sign/and files – tres blah
Dreamcatcher/Calhan Kaledioscope – Cheeky Pea
Polaroid string lights – tarte *new
Geode mobile – fancy decor
Drapes Solids- Mudhoney *new


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