404 – rehearsed the words you hoped would get me back



Home: Aria Cottage – Scarlet Creative * New for May Luxebox
Bed: Kendall bed – tarte * New for May Luxebox
Lace canopy/white – anc.
Candle chandelier Decor – PILOT
Throw rug/stars – brocante
Plain sheer curtain /large – Ink
Photo Lights/effie’s set – Kalopsia
Twinkle stringllights /horiz+verti – Half Deer
Guitar shelf/mellow yellow – tarte
Pully light/antique – token&tribe
One love sign – floorplan.
Shabby side table/mint – tarte
Phone table-phone-boxes/Charlize’s set – Kalopsia
Laptop-mug-sketch book (salad days) – tres blah
more list – broncante
Bicolore vase/white – Kalopsia
vintage crate – floorplan
Ladder display /home – tarte
Traveling typewriter/cream – floorplan
Plant pots/jake’s set – Cheeky Pea
Potted cactus – floorplan
Futon/effie’s futon – Kalopsia
Ombre rug/janey’s set – Kalopsia
Small heart cactus/salad days – tres blah
Worn stool/white – tarte
Arrows home frame – tarte
Table lamp/ white -erratic
Summer frame 01/mint – North West (closed)
Standing cat – fashionably dead


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